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Monday, September 14, 2020

Us, a Super Couple | Anniversary Quotes for Him


Looking for sweet anniversary wishes to send to your dear man? We’ve got a ton of them here that you can freely use in commemorating that special day of yours.

Your guy would definitely feel lucky to receive any of the following heartwarming words from you.

Happy Anniversary, Husband!

  • I hope these past years I have made you as happy and proud as you have made me. Happy anniversary, dear.

  • I thank you for filling all of the roles necessary to make this marriage successful. This anniversary is an acknowledgement of your proficiency as a husband and father.

  • Thank you for having the ability to make me smile even in the darkest situations. I am blessed to have your love as an integral part of my life.
  • Today is the annual holiday where I get to celebrate having the most-lovely husband on earth!

  • May today be one where you experience joy and pride in a love that has produced an adoring family!

  • Today marks a milestone in the partnership that defines my life, and I am grateful to have such a loving and devoted companion to call my own.

  • My commitment to you is as firm now as it was on the day we got married. May God bless you for living up to all of my lofty expectations!

Life with you is a beautiful dream.

  • You and I form the perfect combination. Thank you for being the bacon to my eggs!

  • Today we are rejoicing that the biggest investment of our lives has actually paid off! I love you and want you to know that I will always be there to help you, my darling husband.

  • Honey, thank you for putting the ‘significant’ in the ‘other’. You are a man that I am proud to call my husband even to this day!

  • You are not only the man of the house but also the man of my heart. I’m more than grateful for your endless productivity and faithfulness throughout the years.

Happy Anniversary image to send to your love.

Happy Anniversary. Let’s Celebrate.

  • I am proud to serve the honor of being the other half of such a spectacular man!

  • Sweetheart, thank you for being my teammate in the game of life. May we have many more years together running this beautiful franchise we call a family!

  • This marriage has set the foundation for everlasting happiness in my life. May we be privileged with many more years of being embraced in each other’s loving arms.
  • Nothing in this universe can break the loving bond that holds this union together. Happy anniversary, my love.

  • As the years go by, may our union become increasingly stronger and our love grow even higher than the highest mountain in the universe!

  • We have reached the day where the whole family gathers to celebrate our love, and I am overjoyed we both made it here in good health and great joy!

  • Thank you for not only being a husband but also a friend, someone I still earnestly look forward to spending every day, indeed the rest of my life with.

Happy Anniversary image with champagne glasses.

Happy Anniversary.

  • Even if asked today, I would make all my vows to you anew because having you as my husband is the only happiness I need in this universe. Happy anniversary, dear.

  • You are the heart, soul and backbone of this family. We all love you, dear, and I especially want to wish you a blissful anniversary.

  • On the day we first met, I never imagined so many years later that I would be happyly celebrating a successful lifelong relationship with you!

  • For as long as I live, I will always thank God for giving me someone as phenomenal as you that I can depend on. Every day I wake up in your arms is a cause for celebration!

Beautiful Anniversary wish to share with husband.

My life with you is like a beautiful dream.

  • Being married to you is the sweetest assignment I have ever undertaken. Happy anniversary, my love.

  • I gave out all the love I could muster – and received it back tenfold. Shoutout to my loving husband on this beautiful anniversary of our legendary union!

  • You and I form a super couple, like Batman and Catwoman. Thank you for being my hero!

  • Babe, you are not only the king of this family but also the king of my heart. May your reign last for many more years to come!

Happy Anniversary wish for husband on an image you can share with him.

I love you with all my heart. Happy Anniversary.

  • This is more than the celebration of our marriage but also of accomplishing something that no one thought was possible. I dedicate this day wholly and completely to you, my love.

  • This is a day to not only remember the lovely times past but the even better days that lie ahead. Thank you for being a faithful journeyman!

  • My heart thanks you from its deepest part for not only raising beautiful children but also helping to grow this marriage into an institution worthy of envy. I will always be by your side, even until my dying breath.

  • This is my favorite day of the year, not a holiday forced upon us but one we actually earned. May our union become even stronger and more joyous as the years progress!
  • Our love has evolved and withstood the test of time. Thank you for being the perfect partner in this journey we call life.

  • Be confident that you will always have a lifelong admirer in me! Go out there and continue to make me proud, dear.

  • Having you as a husband is a privilege I will always cherish, and I am elated today to have the opportunity to officially acknowledge it!

  • Thank you for sharing a mutual understanding of how important and blessed this relationship is. I will always love you!

  • Admiration and awe are such strong words, but they accurately describe how I feel about you, babe. This anniversary is a testament of your eternal dedication to our family.

  • This family will do nothing but continue to prosper in great joy under your direction and leadership, and today has been set aside to celebrate this fact!
  • I was smitten with your love so many years ago, and that awe still has yet to wear off. Happy anniversary, dear.

  • We have a relationship that defies logic, as my love for you grows daily. But enough of the sweet talk – now let’s get our groove on!

Happy Anniversary wish for your husband.

I will always love you with all my heart. Happy Anniversary.


Anniversary Quotes for Husband

  • Wishing my dear husband, a Happy Anniversary! You are the strongest, yet kindest man that I have ever known! I am lucky to be your wife!

  • Happy Anniversary, husband! The respect that you give me, and the love and attention that you pay to our children, fills my heart with gratitude for you!

  • Today, we are celebrating the day we became husband and wife! I never would dreamed that I would meet and marry a man who is the epitome of courageousness! Every day, your fearlessness pushes me to be a better person by going after what I want and not letting anything stop me. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

  • Husband, you are a dignified and charismatic man! You hold you head up high, because you are aware of your greatness! Becoming your wife was the smartest action I have ever taken! Happy Anniversary!

  • Noting the day that we got married and being reminded of how blessed I am to have a husband like you! You are moral and just! Happy Anniversary to a man of high character!

  • Happy Anniversary, to my fantastic husband! There aren’t enough words to describe how vast my love is for you! Our union has only served to deepen and strengthen what is in my heart!

  • Wishing the man that I married a joyous, Wedding Anniversary! Your compassion and devotion is responsible for the depth of my love for you! You are truly selfless and deserve reciprocation for all that you have given me!

  • Happy Wedding Anniversary! Husband, when there is chaos in my life, your presence calms me, and encourages me to remain focused on what I have to do. You inspire me and my love for you is endless!

  • Happy Anniversary to the man who leaves me in awe of him! Husband, your giving nature and endless affection for me is astounding!

  • Husband, may the day of our nuptials be grand in our minds! May we rejoice in the knowledge that we are right for each other!


Happy Anniversary Images for Husband

A cute and funny image to send to your love on your anniversary.

I so want to grow old with you.


An image to share with your love on your anniversary.

I loved you then, I love you still. Always have, always will.


Happy anniversary image to share with the one you love.

Happy Anniversary.


Happy anniversary image for husband.

Happy Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my One and Only.


Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

  • Happy anniversary to the most wonderful boyfriend on earth! My sweet, handsome darling. I can’t thank you enough for making me the happiest and luckiest girlfriend in the universe.

  • Wishing the happiest of happy anniversaries to my caring and loving boyfriend. Babe, may this day bless us with an eternity together. I love you very much.

  • Happy anniversary, my love. May God continue to bless and protect our wonderful relationship. I love you.

  • Honey, thank you for being the everlasting sunshine in my skies. May this awesome love that we share last until our hearts stop beating.

  • On our anniversary, I want to thank you for being nothing else but YOU. I pray that God will bless this relationship and make it last forever.

  • As long as we have each other in this world, luck will always be by our side.

  • For being the sweetest boyfriend in the world, may happiness always reside in your heart. You deserve it.

  • They say nothing in this world can ever be perfect. I think they say this because they haven’t seen our phenomenal relationship. Babe, thank you for making the love we share the most beautiful thing in the universe.

To the World's Best Boyfriend.

To the World’s Best Boyfriend.

  • Happy anniversary, dear darling. I wish us nothing but a great and absolutely happy life ahead. Nothing in this world makes me happier than the fact that I’m your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend.

  • Being in this wonderful relationship with you has made my world infinite times happier and more colorful than I can ever describe. Thank you for treating me like a queen.

  • As we reflect on the sweet and wonderful memories we have shared over the years, I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for bringing us together.

  • Happy anniversary to the winner of the award for the “World’s Best Boyfriend”! May God bless you for making me taste true happiness.

  • Being your girlfriend makes my life sweeter than all the honey in the universe.

  • Honey, there’s only one word in the English dictionary that I can use in describing you. Phenomenal. You are absolutely phenomenal in all the ways that matter to me. I’m so lucky we hold the only keys to each other’s hearts.

  • You are the sweetest love song of my life.

  • There are billions of people in this world, but my eyes see only you because your soul sings a song only mine can hear. All my heart and soul desire is to love you and grow old with you. May our anniversary not only be ridiculously happy but also blessed.

  • There’s nothing more in this world that I have loved more than being your girlfriend. Thank you for being my boyfriend, my best friend and my angel.

  • The best day in my life is today because today is the day you and I officially became the sweetest couple in the universe. Happy anniversary to the most precious person in my life.

To my love, happy anniversary.

To my love, happy anniversary.

  • Here’s to another heavenly year of being the girlfriend of the most amazing boyfriend on the planet. May all our dreams and aspirations come true.

  • You are the most beautiful love story of my life. I feel more blessed having you than I feel having life. Happy anniversary, my love, and thank you a gazillion times for making me feel brand new every single day.

  • You are the reason we are the cutest and happiest couple in the world. May the Lord forever shine His amazing light on our union.

  • There is only one source of true happiness in this life, and I find that place in your loving arms. Thank you for giving me a love story many dream of but never get.

  • On our anniversary, I just want you to know that the wonderful love we share is not just a precious gift to me. It is my everything. It is my whole life. This is why I can never stop loving you.

  • If God gave me all the time in the world to pen down why I love you so much, I still wouldn’t have enough time to write down all the awesome reasons my heart beats for only you.

  • Thank you for all the enormous sacrifices you have made to ensure that our relationship remains the sweetest in the world. I couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend.

I'm hanging on to you.

I’m hanging on to you.

  • Happy anniversary to my wonderful soul mate who makes me happy to be alive. My sweet love, on this special day of ours, may showers of blessings fall on our relationship and flood it so that we may know happiness all the days of our life.

  • Wishing a very fabulous anniversary to the King of my heart. Dearest, our relationship is the most beautiful adventure of my life. Thank you for being the sweetest and most caring person I’ve ever known.

  • Wishing a super duper happy anniversary to my darling boyfriend. Babe, may the years ahead of us be as beautiful as the sun that shines on our beautiful relationship.

  • Happiness used to be a stranger in my world. However, since you came into my life, happiness calls my world its permanent home. On the anniversary of our love, I thank you for bringing oodles of bliss into my life. May we have a long and happy life together.

  • May good luck follow our beautiful love story until the end of time.

  • Happy anniversary, darling. May the immeasurable joy your love brings into my soul be returned to you a million times. I love you so much, my king.

  • Wishing a blessed and glorious anniversary to the one and only love of my life. No one can ever take your place in my heart because no one can ever make me feel as wonderful as you make me feel.

  • Sending my deepest love and warmest wishes to my heartbeat on our anniversary. Babe, celebrate this beautiful day, knowing that my love for you is the only endless thing in this universe.

  • On this day that we officially celebrate our love, may God bless our union with an extraordinarily long life and unlimited happiness. Wishing you a happy and memorable anniversary.


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