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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Dolyatra Day in India - Date, History, Importance & Celebration


DolYatra is an embarked competition within the states of Assam, West Bengal, and Odisha. This day is devoted by all of the devotees throughout India, and particularly within the south area to the almighty Lord Krishna and Radha. Known as Dol as nicely, this day is well known on the fifteenth day of the lunar month in keeping with the Bangla calendar of Falgun. Though folks typically confuse the event with Holi, they range loads. In reality, Holi is the start to Dol Yatra celebrations however they proceed for some time whereas Holi is a one day competition in North India. The significance for these two festivals could be related; the Lord Krishna and Radha however the way in which of celebration, the folks, and the traditions range rather a lot.

Dolyatra Day Date

Dol Yatra celebration date 2019: March 21

Dol Yatra celebration date 2020: March 10

Dol Yatra celebration date 2021: March 28

Dolyatra Day in India – Date, History, Importance & Celebration

For Bengalis, this day has extra significance as a result of it’s additionally the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was believed to be the one true believer of Lord Krishna. He ignited the eagerness for the worship of Lord Krishna and Radha amongst Bengalis and therefore is remembered yearly with an auspicious celebration. Chaitanya at all times believed the essence of Sadhna (devotion) to be the pure remembrance of Hari (Lord Krishna).

The celebration of Dol Yatra begins with the Yatra to the Lord Krishna’s spouse Ghuncha’s place the place all his devotees collect to wish to him and search his blessings. The followers put together a bonfire in entrance of the worship place, and the idol of Lord Krishna is held and carried across the hearth on the beats of Vaishnavite drums and Cymbals. Everything that's typically completed to worship the god is completed on the competition as nicely. This first day of celebration is called gondh.

The second day of Dol Yatra, also called Bhor-Deul, is far more thrilling the place the idols of Lord Krishna are coloured with faku. Bhor Deul is mostly celebrated for a single day within the month of Chot however for 2-Three months within the month of Phalgun.

With nothing totally different, the third day is well known identical to the second day.

The last and fourth day of Dol celebration also called Seuri, Lord Krishna is carried again to his mom’s home from his spouse’s place. The idols that ladies put together and adorn are carried of their Yatras. The enormous variety of devotees take part within the celebration and are available collectively on the ultimate day to celebrate this auspicious worship. It is believed that Mother Lakshmi isn't happy with Krishna staying at Ghuncha’s place for all of the three days and therefore there’s a playful temper within the worship place the place followers from each the perimeters attempt to win. In the tip, Krishna is allowed to enter the Lakshmi’s residence and the celebration is supposed to be full.

This competition brings happiness, pleasure, and utmost devotion in all people’s coronary heart who follows lord Krishna.


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