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Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Birthday in Korean - Korean birthday wishes and customs


Before we learn to say happy birthday in Korean, first we have to know just a little bit concerning the Korean language.<!-- -->

In Korean, now we have completely different titles and phrases to talk to individuals of various ages. More formal phrases and completely different endings on phrases are used relying on an individual’s age in order to be extra well mannered.

How to say happy birthday in Korean

Before you would like them a happy birthday, ensure you know the way outdated they're in relation to you. If you aren’t positive of their age, and wish to keep on the secure facet, go for extra well mannered.

1. For somebody who's your age or youthful:

생일 축하해

[sang-il chuk-ha-hae]

Happy birthday (informal)

2. For somebody who's just a little older than you:

생일 축하해요

[sang-il chuk-ha-hae-yo]

Happy birthday (well mannered)<!-- -->

Happy birthday in Korean polite

three. For somebody who is way older than you or your mother or father:

생신 축하드려요

[sang-il chuk-ha-duh-ryo-yo]

Happy birthday (formal)

Happy birthday in Korean formal

Happy birthday tune

Our birthday tune is only a translated model of the English birthday tune. This is as a result of historically we didn’t celebrate our birthdays on the day of our start, extra on that later.

Korean happy birthday tune

생일 축하 합니다,

생일 축하 합니다,<!-- -->

사랑하는 (identify) 의 생일 축하 합니다.

Pronunciation of Korean happy birthday tune

[sang-il chuk-ha-hap-ni-da,

sang-il chuk-ha-hap-ni-da,

sa-rang-ha-noon (identify) wi sang-il chuk-ha-hop-ni-da,]

English translation of Korean happy birthday tune

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,<!-- -->

Happy birthday expensive (identify)

Korean birthday traditions

Celebrating your birthday, actually the day of your start is comparatively new in Korea. So after I point out birthdays on this article I’ll be referring to celebrating the day of your start. But Korea does have a standard method of celebrating getting older. Let’s have a look at that now.

Unique age counting

In Korea we depend our age otherwise. The day when a child is born, they're mechanically one 12 months outdated. And yearly on the 1st of January EVERYONE will get one 12 months older. This is an outdated Chinese custom that Korea makes use of.

So, while you celebrate the day of your start in Korea you don’t get a 12 months older. That occurs on January 1st.


Duk gook Korean rice cake soup

On the morning of the 1st of January we eat 떡국 [duk-kook] (rice cake soup) to celebrate getting one 12 months older. 떡국 has sliced rice cake, egg, and meat boiled in a bone broth.  And we are saying:

새해 복 많이 받으세요.

[sae-hae-bok ma-ni ba-duh-sae-yo]

(I want so that you can have a variety of luck within the new 12 months.)

On our precise birthday, the day of our start not January 1st, we're served 미역국 [mi-yuk-gook] (seaweed soup) historically cooked by our mother, a bowl of rice, and a few facet dishes. 미역국 has chopped up seaweed, a meat of selection (generally beef), and just a little little bit of sesame oil.<!-- -->

Miyukguk korean seaweed soup

We additionally eat 미역국 after a mom delivers a child as a restoration meals each single meal for about 1 week to 1 month. 미역국 was once thought-about as a royal meals that solely kings and queens might eat previously.

We additionally eat western type cake on our birthday. Our cake is just not as candy and normally is adorned with fruit. We have common western type desserts like yellow cake, chocolate cake, ice-cream cake, but in addition candy potato and inexperienced tea taste desserts as effectively. The candy potato desserts are widespread amongst older individuals.

Celebrations and presents

It is widespread to celebrate birthdays at dwelling with household as an alternative of getting an enormous occasion. We should not have theme events for teenagers. When youngsters are little (three – 9 years outdated) mother and father ship little goodie baggage to highschool for his or her classmates. We will collect round a cake after dinner and blow out the candles after making a want and identical to western type birthdays, we don’t say what our want is.

The candles must be the appropriate numbers for his or her age. Longer candles imply the primary digit variety of the age, and shorter candles imply the final digit variety of the age. So, if the individual is 38 years outdated, we'll put three lengthy candles and eight brief candles on the cake.

After we change into an grownup, once we can legally drink alcohol, we regularly have a celebration with pals in a bar. People deliver presents and a cake, and the birthday individual picks up the tab for everybody.

Also, birthday playing cards are usually not typically given.

Special birthday years

There are 2 years that individuals celebrate their birthdays in an enormous method. When individuals flip 60, and after they flip 70.

To celebrate their longevity, their youngsters both put together an enormous festive occasion or a visit abroad. In the previous, their kids would lease a spot to have everybody over from their small city together with their household and pals. For meals they might have rice desserts, fruit, and a pig that they kill.

Nowadays for a celebration individuals lease a spot for his or her household and pals with an enormous banner of celebrating their birthday, and rent a catering service and an MC. There can be a grandkids’ expertise present and karaoke. For a visit to abroad, their youngsters pay for a package deal tour for them. <!-- -->

Reciprocal giving

We nonetheless have throwbacks to an earlier farming tradition which might be seen in how individuals purchase presents for one another. In the previous, we assist one another in the course of the harvest time or any time we want, and we name it 상부상조 [sang bu-sang-jo] which implies we assist one another with the intention of being paid again. Because of this we attempt to match the value of the current once we purchase. For instance, if individual A purchased me a gift that prices about $30, on individual A’s birthday I'll purchase one thing that prices about $30. As you become old, as an alternative of shopping for a gift it's acceptable to offer money as a gift. Elders choose to get money.

Birthday hit

We have 생일빵 [sang-il paang] (Birthday hit) which implies we're allowed to hit the birthday individual for luck. This is extra of a youthful technology custom. Also, youthful generations typically order a powerful drink or make their very own drink that's blended with no matter they'll discover on the desk like salt, ketchup, pepper, or different issues that aren't essentially meals. Socks will be dipped, or the drink will be poured in a shoe. This is just not essentially a practice, however some youthful Koreans do it for enjoyable.

Drinking tradition

Koreans love ingesting and consuming. So, this typically performs an element in Korean birthday celebrations. We normally order massive dishes to share for the desk. A preferred selection is beer and fried hen however Korean BBQ can also be extremely popular.

Types of drinks in Korea

Our conventional alcohol is known as 소주 [Soju] a spirit produced from various kinds of grains and 막걸리[makoli] rice wine.

Soju bottle and glasses

Soju is a transparent liquid that nearly appears to be like like Vodka, and doesn’t have a lot taste however has just a little candy style to it. It varies in alcohol content material (16.eight% to 53%) and has a rubbing alcohol odor. These days Soju firms put out weaker Soju with fruity flavors. People drink Soju in a shot or combine it with beer as a 폭탄주 [pok-tan-ju] (bomb drink).

Makoli Korean rice wine

막걸리 is milky and has sweeter and easy style to it. Sticky rice wine is the preferred one. Traditionally it's served in an enormous bowl and also you scoop it out with a ladle that's made from a gourd.

Drinking video games

Younger generations play a variety of ingesting video games. If you're invited to a celebration be able to drink so much! Or win at each sport to keep away from ingesting.

These are three quite common ingesting video games we play however there are much more ingesting video games than those beneath.

1. 세종대왕 [Sae-jong dae-wang] (King Sejong)

King Sejong invented the Korean writing system. To honor that we solely use pure Korean phrases. We usually adapt a variety of English phrases like 컴퓨터 [com-pu-toh] (pc), 티비 [tee-bee] (TV), 컵 [cup] (cup), 포크 [po-kuh] (fork) and extra. We don’t even have Korean phrases to substitute these phrases, so it may be very difficult. Whoever speaks English phrases has to drink.

2. Three, six, 9 Game<!-- -->

People sit across the desk and begin counting numbers up from 1. Every three, 6, and 9 individuals must clap as an alternative of claiming it out loud. It will get difficult when the quantity will get greater particularly 30, 60, and 90. Number 30 has a three so that they must clap as soon as and for 33, 36, and 39 they must clap twice. No one speaks out the quantity for 30 so you must concentrate! Whoever makes a mistake has to drink.

three. 게임 오브대스 [gae-im o-buh dae-suh] (Game of Death)

 Everyone sings 재미난다 [jae-mi nan-da] (enjoyable), 신난다 [shin nan-da] (thrilling), 더 게임 오브 대스 [duh gae-im o-buh dae-suh] (The sport of Death) whereas hitting the desk with chopsticks. As quickly because the tune ends everybody factors their chopsticks to 2 completely different individuals. Start from the one that drank final and observe the course of the chop sticks to see the place it ends. Whoever the final individual is on the finish of the chopstick chain has to drink.

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