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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Republic Day in India 2020 – Date, History, Celebration


Republic day! Whenever this day seems to be coming, India buckles up and get ready to celebrate the new year and new beginnings together. It feels like festive season all over again and nobody is upset. India, together celebrate the day again which marked constitution for India, the very first time. Republic Day is one of the three national holidays of India and in the upcoming year, i.e., republic day 2020 date and day is 26 January on Sunday! Like any other occasion in India, Republic Day is also celebrated with joy and togetherness. Once again, the whole India comes together and celebrate the constitution that rules the country.

Republic Day Celebration Date

Date facts:

Republic Day Celebration Date in 2019: Saturday, 26 January 2019

Republic Day Celebration Date in 2020: Sunday, 26 January 2020

Republic Day Celebration Date in 2021: Tuesday, 26 January 2021

A brief History about Republic Day:

Talking about history, Republic Day came into existence when India marked the effect of the constitution on 26th January, 1950, three years after the country got its independence. Independence wasn’t felt enough like it did when the official rule was passed by and it was declared that only constitution would be the law everybody’s bound to, and no other Englishman or human. The main celebrations of the day is carried in the capital of the country, New Delhi, but every state has its own celebrations planned for the day.

Discussing about the celebration never seems enough if the Republic Day parade is not mentioned too! Republic day parade is arranged in front of the president of the country, on Rajpath (ceremonial highway) in New Delhi only. But, the parade is now not only recognized for the national event but every state have their own parades on this special day of the country. More than any political or official celebration, this day is celebrated by the institutions all over the country where little kids to the youth of India pledge to serve the country and the constitution.

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Importance and Significance of Republic Day:

The nation does not just celebrate but serve its respect to those who have been lost fighting for the country once again. Prime Minister of India does the honor and begins the day by commemorating the armed forces of the nation who lost their lives to serve and protect the dignity of the nation. He does so by laying the wreath on India Gate in Delhi. Before the parade begins, the brave acts are honoured and rewarded by the respected Prime Minister followed by a 21 Gun Salute.

After everything, the question arises why do we celebrate Republic Day after so many years of constitution being settled? It is a reminder of independence that nation won and will enjoy forever. This day marks the importance of freedom that a nation shall always have and a chance to grow every day with unity. It is also important for the youth and kids to understand that they are the ones who are going to protect the nation’s honor and in a way that our people back in 1947 did. Our constitution provide us all the rights that we have earned back from the English men few years back and it reminds us of the freedom that every human deserves. Hence, celebrating this day is not just joy but a need for people to remember the fight that our freedom fighters fought in order to gift us the day we’re living.


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