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Friday, January 1, 2021

Baby Shower Messages - Showering The Mom-To-Be » True Love Words


A baby shower is one of life’s most special celebrations. Looking forward to the birth of a little one is an exciting time, and showering the mom-to-be with gifts for her precious baby is so much fun! Be sure to send her just the right message whether she is expecting a boy, a girl, or twins. The following baby shower messages will help the new mom know just how much you care.

1. Baby Shower Messages For Upcoming Girls

baby shower messages girls

  • Best wishes for new beginnings. May your delivery be safe and easy and your little girl healthy.

  • Great adventures with your little girl await! May her arrival bring you amazing joy.

  • Wishing you good health, a heart full of joy, and lots of sleep as you prepare to welcome your baby daughter.

  • Sending heartfelt prayers for you and your precious daughter to be happy and healthy.

  • A sweet baby girl to love and adore; you couldn’t ask for anything more. But, don’t worry, I still brought you this gift.

  • I know you’ll be tickled pink to welcome your baby girl into the world. I hope she will enjoy this gift.

  • I know your precious daughter will be talented, smart, and beautiful because those are the words that describe her mother.

  • A lifetime of blessings is coming to you and your family. Congratulations on your little baby girl.

  • May your little angel fill your family with happiness and love.

  • I cannot wait to be a babysitter for your sweet little girl!

  • A new baby brings chaos wrapped in love! I know you will enjoy every second with your precious daughter.

  • She’ll be the one in Pampers, but don’t forget to pamper yourself too. Hoping this gift will help you do that.

  • Baby toys and baby noise are far outweighed by baby joys. Congrats on your baby daughter.

  • The wonder of a baby girl will amaze you for a lifetime.

  • Wishing you all the best as you wait expectantly for your pink bundle of joy to make her appearance.

  • To the couple about to become the amazing parents of a special little girl, I wish you an easy pregnancy, a happy delivery, and many restful nights.

  • It is a special joy to share in the excitement of the impending arrival of your sweet baby girl.

  • Babyhood is a wonderful adventure, and you are going to love it. Best wishes to you and your family as you welcome your precious daughter.

  • May your daughter’s arrival be magical and memorable.

  • Your baby girl may be tiny, but you’ll be amazed by the space she will take up in your heart.

  • A lifetime of love, sent from above. That’s what little girls are. May yours arrive safe and sound.

  • You’ve always been a cute couple, but the arrival of your baby girl is going to send the cuteness factor of your family over the top.

  • Your daughter, little-bitty, will be sweet and oh, so pretty!

  • I feel blessed to share in your happiness and bring a little something to help you prepare for your sweet daughter. Here’s hoping you both enjoy it.

  • I’m so thankful to be invited to your baby shower. It will be the first of many celebrations as you welcome your precious daughter into the world.

  • I’m thrilled to be a part of your special day, and looking forward to meeting your daughter soon.

  • Much love to you as you prepare for cootchie-coo! May your daughter be a blessing in every way.

  • I know you are over the moon, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Many blessings as you count the days to her arrival.

  • Rock-a-bye time is coming soon, and I hope you savor every moment with your precious baby girl.

  • Snuggle time will be here soon, so get those lullabies in tune. Congratulations on your little angel girl.

2. Baby Shower Messages For Upcoming Boys

Baby shower messages boys

  • May there be many smiles, hugs, and much laughter as you welcome your new baby boy.

  • Sending you a cradle full of good wishes and this small gift to help you prepare to welcome your baby boy.

  • Don’t be “rattled.” Your baby boy will be perfect.

  • Time will fly with your little guy. Here’s hoping you enjoy every second of life with your precious one.

  • New life is filling your body and will soon be filling your home. Congratulations and best wishes on the upcoming arrival of your precious baby boy.

  • The journey of parenthood with a little boy by your side is going to be an adventure. Congratulations as you begin this new phase of life.

  • Wide eyes and bow ties, that’s what to expect with little guys! Blessings as your little boy joins the world.

  • Hip, hip, hurray, a baby’s coming your way! And we couldn’t be more excited for you and your little guy.

  • Soon it will be time for booties and socks, toys and blocks, and all the things that make little boys rock.

  • When you first hold his ten little toes, only God knows how much your heart grows.

  • Enjoy this gift for your little prince. I can’t wait for him to make his royal entrance.

  • We are excited to meet your baby in blue. May all of your hopes and dreams come true.

  • So your bundle of joy is a baby boy? Wishing you well in the beautiful life ahead.

  • As he is born and you watch him grow, oh, how you will love him so! I can’t wait to meet him.

  • God’s sending a boy for you to enjoy! We are so happy to share in such wonderful news.

  • We’re here today to send good wishes your way! Blessings as you prepare for your little blue bundle of joy.

  • Your little man will be blessed because he gets to grow up with you. Congratulations as you celebrate his upcoming arrival.

  • Showers of blessing on your baby boy! May you celebrate many happy milestones together.

  • Hoping that this small gift will bring blessings to you and your baby boy.

  • What a joyous occasion! Prayers of blessing as you look forward to your little boy’s day of birth.

  • Little boys add fun and joy! May there be many fun times together as you raise this precious one.

  • Happy days are ahead as you enjoy the addition of a little boy to the family. Congratulations!

  • May there be blue skies and butterflies as you enjoy life with a little boy.

  • Baby boy blisses and sweet happy kisses. Enjoy!

  • Wishing you nursery rhymes and happy times as you enjoy your little boy.

  • A boy is a treasure to hold forever. Congratulations as you prepare for this journey.

  • Diapers and feedings and nursery rhyme readings will be your new life for awhile. Here’s hoping you treasure every moment.

  • May your little boy bring you every happiness. Blessings for a bright future.

  • How special it is to welcome a baby boy into your family. May God continue to bless you.

  • Today is the day we shower you with love and good wishes! May your baby boy be healthy and strong like his dad.

  • May this baby shower bless you in every way as you wait for your little boy to get here.

  • Congratulations to the beautiful mom-to-be. Best wishes as you bring your bouncing baby boy into the world.

3. Baby Shower Messages For Upcoming Twins

  • Here’s a gift for two ’cause you’re loved through and through!

  • While you wait for your two make their exciting debut, here’s a little gift for you.

  • One in pink and one in blue, these gifts are meant for your precious two.

  • Sent from above, a bundle of two;
    Sweet little twins from God to you.

  • Here’s a gift for the twins before chaos begins!

  • May your precious babies arrive safe and blessed, because life with you will be the best.

  • God has abundantly filled your request by making sure you are doubly blessed. Congratulations on having twins.

  • Two dear babies are coming your way! May this little gift brighten your day.

  • Your babies are going to need two laps, so remember that mine is always available! Best wishes as you celebrate new life today.

  • Two bundles of joy? I hope your family knows a big stork! Wishing you the best as you wait for your special delivery.

  • May your cherished baby twins bring great meaning and joy to your life. Best wishes for a safe delivery.

  • A special delivery is on its way; may your sweet twins bless you every day.

  • Double the hugs, double the kisses,
    Sending your twins sweet happy wishes.

  • Through all of the laughter and all of the tears,
    May your memories fill you with joy through the years.

  • Congratulations on the anticipated arrival of two beautiful babies at once.


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