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Friday, February 26, 2021

60 Baby Captions for Your Cute Pics of Them

You have cute, playful babies, and you can’t wait to show them to the outside world. Babies are the most precious gifts you can ever have in this world. It can help if your kids have online footprints before they come of age, as it is a perfect way of keeping the memories alive. From baby showers to first birthday parties, they’ll always look cute. Moreover, it can help build a celebrity profile, if their destiny is to follow that path. It is the millennial generation, and documenting your motherhood shouldn’t come with any regrets or criticism.

Even so, the captions that you use right beneath the pictures say a lot about you and the baby. What are the best options? Read on to unveil the best captions to write under your baby’s photos.

Cute Baby Captions

Baby selfies are always the cutest pictures that capture the baby’s joy and mother’s love. If you are posting such a picture, you’d want to choose a cutie caption. Consider these:

  • Wow! Such a great miracle in one little person.
  • Your smile is such an excellent way to start my day.
  • Our home runs on cuddles and laughter
  • Hey baby, you are a little ray of hope in our lives.
  • Let him sleep lest he wakes up and become the unsatisfied boss.
  • You can outgrow my arms, but never my heart. My love for you is immeasurable.
  • I wonder if you’ll ever understand just how much of a rare blessing you are to me.
  • I’ve always wanted a beautiful baby like you.
Baby caption for photo posts.

Wow! Such a great miracle in one little person.

  • Your smile makes me weak and strong at the same time.
  • The best feeling is knowing that you are responsible for my happiness and life.
  • It’s okay, you keep smiling, and I will get the best picture of us.
  • Look at my baby giving the universe all reasons to smile.
  • Life should take me back. I want to be like this cute baby once again.
  • I get happy by just looking at you.
  • Look at her, and you’ll see pure love and kindness in today’s world.

Funny Baby Captions

Do you want the little princess to send your followers into giggles? Babies can be quite funny, but with the right caption to deliver the joke. Here are the top captions for funny pictures:

  • Please excuse our manners. My baby is making memories.
  • Hey kid, you better smile when I have the camera lenses on you.
  • Ooh, girl! I used your makeup kit on me. How do I look?
  • Is it the perfect time to cry so loud and wake everyone up?
  • My kid out here is really growing. What do you call this new attitude?
  • If you can’t afford a smile, I’ll share my happiness with you.
Baby caption for photo posts.

What you may think of me is none of my business.

  • Don’t worry, mum. I’ll clean this place up after making a big mess.
  • I don’t always laugh loud, but when I do, I show all my teeth.
  • I’m sleepy now, but I might be able to fit you in on a Monday.
  • They said I could be anything, so I became Santa. What do I bring you?
  • I don’t care about what you’re cooking. Pick me up right now, mum.
  • The look on my face when all I care about is my milk.
  • If your child is already happy, don’t try to make him happier. This is where it got me.
  • I am going to overrun all the rules in this house.
  • What you may think of me is none of my business.

Captions for a Baby Girl

Baby girls are the link between angels and man. Their smile and innocence melt the heart of anyone coming through their picture. Strengthen such vibes with these captions:

  • Nothing beats the feeling of putting a smile on your little princess.
  • Look at us, mother’s and daughter’s love growing strong day by day.
  • Keep on the beautiful smile to conquer all the fears of life. I wish you nothing but the best of peace and happiness.
  • All of my wishes and blessings in one tiny face
  • Baby, let me love you harder while you’re hardly big.
  • So there is this little princess who stole my heart, she calls me mum.
  • You’re just a little girl filling my best friend’s space.
  • And though she is little, she is everything that embodies love and perfection.
  • Since I had you, I fell in love again, both with you and your daddy.
  • I think I see something eternal, more infinite in your eyes every time you laugh.
  • Hey princess, you bring me the fortunes and peace of heaven on earth.
  • My baby girl, you are the greatest monument in this world. I thank the heavens for you.
  • You made your father a better man ever since you stepped into this world.
  • My biggest achievement in this world is my only daughter.
  • I promise to hold you tightest and love you the longest.
Baby caption for photo posts.

I am going to overrun all the rules in this house.

Captions for a Baby Boy

Does your little son make you smile and laugh hard to forget all the pressure and stress of life? Show that feeling through these adorable social media captions:

  • My son makes me feel at the helm of the universe.
  • Hey young bull, you bring the best out of your mummy and daddy.
  • My whole life in a single bundle of joy.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, I will still choose you over any sumptuous meal.
  • Your smile and laugh give me all the energy I need.
  • Sometimes I cry more than you because you give me all the reasons to. You are the best blessing to ever happen to my life.
  • Three years and counting, you’re still the same blessed gift from heaven.
  • No matter how your life journey puns out, I’ll always be around the corner to pat your back.
  • First selfie with my king! It gives me all the reasons to hold onto the most precious gift the universe can offer.
  • Great kings come straight from heaven. Here is one to give you a run for your attention.
  • I don’t need anyone around me except you; if you’re with me, the universe wins.
  • I’ve always figured out what to do with you. But again, I realized being the best mother is all I have to do.
  • My king out here looking ready to conquer the world and give you sleepless nights.
  • When I hold you, I know I have everything life can offer.
  • Like stars are to the sky, so you are to my world. You deserve all the shine, baby.

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