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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Motivational Shayari about Life, Josh Bhare Quotes, Manzil Status Images

As we all know that in every one’s life there are ups and downs, if one touches the heights of life, some get frustrated, some are broken and shattered, many people learn from them. We should also learn the lesson of fighting against them in the bad phase of this life. Because those who are capable of losing defeat become the horse of a long race in life. To make life better, we need inspiration and directions, if the right direction, motivation is found at the right time, then we can maintain and overcome it even in the falling stage of life, even life. Can be taken to new heights. For this we Inspiring Words will also be needed, because these magic words can add to our motivation, inspire us for our fun and strengthen our will. Come, let us do something similar in this article Motivational poetry photos We will see and read with you so that you too can get some help in achieving your goal.

Motivational Shayari with Images about Life

Jeet Motivational Shayari

You are not defeated in your fall,
You are a man, not an avatar
Fall, get up, walk, run, then run,
Because .. victory is brief, no essence of it!

Motivational Shayari and Images

Life is beautiful, love life,
If it is night, wait for the morning,
There will also be a moment that you are waiting for,
Just trust yourself and do the timings.

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Haar ke baad Jeet Shayari

The fun of getting lost is something else
The fun of crying and smiling is something else
Losing is part of life my friend,
Winning after defeat is more fun.

Motivational Attitude Shayari

Those who are fussy
They crown the thunder,
Who doesn’t care about tomorrow
They keep it in fist today.

Inspirational Motivating Images

Honsala is elevated, there is every place in the mouth
Hard and troubles are common in life,
If alive, have the strength to swim against the waves in the arms,
Because flowing with waves is the work of dead bodies.

Manzil Pane Wali Shayari

I was afraid to see the distance too,
But I kept looking at the way,
It came close to me on its own,
Seeing my courage on my destination.

Bulandiya shayari

It is wonderful to get out of sight,
Shattering in Nafs-Nafs is awesome,
It is not amazing to reach the highs,
Staying at high levels is amazing.

Manzil Pane Wale Status | Josh Bhare Quotes in Hindi

Hoslo ki udaan shayari

Only they get the floor
Who lives in dreams
Nothing happens with wings
Fly by spirits

Intejar Pyas Samundar Motivational Shayari

What time do you wait guys,
The thirst is not going to the sea,
If you are thirsty, let the sand be squeezed
In its part, the sea is not going to come.

Kadmo Me Jahan Inspirational Lines

It’s easy to run away from trouble
Every aspect is the test of life
Those in fear do not get anything in life
Fighters have the mind

Motivational Hindi Lines on Chinti (ant)

Never gives up despite trying
Don’t be disappointed
Keep growing, whatever the weather
Attains the floor ant too… fall down many times

Zindagi Ek Sangharsh, Jeene ka andaz shayari

Never be sad in life
Never be disappointed
This life is a struggle
Never lose your way of life

Motivational Struggle Shayari Images

The path of struggle that goes on,
They change the world,
Who won the battle from nights ..
In the morning the sun shines as it does.

Musibat Me Himmat Mat Harna Shayari

The sun sets every evening,
Autumn turns into spring,
Don’t give up my mind
Whatever the time goes

Prernadayak Shayari for Life Success

If you want to learn, don’t burn, learn to smile
If you want to learn, don’t get drowned by the sun, learn to get up
If you want to reach the peak… ..
So do not follow the path, learn to build the path

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