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Friday, February 19, 2021

Wishes for Bachelor / Graduation Have a Good Career!

When years of effort come to an end, students need – if nothing else – a few words of reward! Everything that passed, the exams, the semesters, the assignments, the grades, they imagine in their minds as the most difficult they have faced.

It is certain that we can not prove to them how beautiful the years of study are and how much they will miss them one day, but we can give them a kind “push” to enjoy what is to come: real life! Below you will find the most beautiful wishes for obtaining a degree or graduation from someone close to you.

Good career: Wishes for graduation of a friend

Whether it is a simple sports college or the most important university in the world, the graduate you are addressing has certainly had some good and bad times. For this it deserves your congratulations and your love!

  • Congratulations on your graduation! You did it famously, although we were all sure!
  • The day you have been waiting for so long has come! Well done and let’s go hard for the sequel!
  • Dude, you did it and you make us all proud!
  • Congratulations and many wishes for the future! Have a good and brilliant career!
  • Let everything always go as you dream! Congratulations! Good career, with success and recognition.
  • Girlfriend, you moved me and made me proud! All your dreams come true like your graduation! On time, with a smile, with ease and with success.
  • Many congratulations on the happy ending of your efforts. Wishes for a good career, with all the best!
  • Graduation is an unforgettable, unique moment. To enjoy it, to rejoice in it, to be proud. You did it as we all expected: great!
Wishes for a good career.

Have a good career, with wishes for success in everything!

Well done, well done, well done! Always be first and best at what you do!

  • Well done, well done, well done! Always be first and best at what you do!
  • I learn that not only do you graduate but you are also excellent! How else; You are great!
  • My friend, I always wish to live such unique moments. Have a good career in all your steps and have a brilliant career, as you deserve!
  • Have a good career, with wishes for success in everything! You have our love and our admiration, always!
  • When were you born, when did you get to high school, did you go to university, did you graduate! The years pass quickly, look to enjoy them!
  • The studies you did, not only suit you but will ensure you a bright future. We are sure of this and will be happy to help with anything you need!
  • Congratulations on your graduation, our sweet. Have a brilliant, good career.
  • You only deserve a huge thumbs up. And a great gift: close your eyes!

Congratulations on graduation (for graduation day)

The day you hold the degree in your hands is significant. It is the end of a great period with effort, agony and many joys. Student life comes to an end, but many more begin!

  • Our sweet child, congratulations from the bottom of our hearts! Your efforts will always be rewarded!
  • A day we will always remember, well done! And officially the first graduate of the company!
  • Significant day and above! We are proud parents and thank you for always giving us such emotions.
  • The degree should be just the beginning of your brilliant career!

Congratulations on your graduation!

  • I wish you a life full of success like today but above all I wish you a happy life!
  • Today we are all proud but above all we are excited because you grow up and become a wonderful young man. Congratulations on your degree, congratulations on your progress so far.
  • We wish God to require us to be close to you in all your important steps. Congratulations!
  • I want a souvenir photo with the degree, but above all with your smile!
  • Always achieve your goals and dreams! Have a good career!
  • Fantastic boy, congratulations and good luck in everything! Well done a hundred times, a hundred hugs!
  • Girl, you are a super power! Well done to superiors too! Let’s go for the master’s degree!
  • I admire you that you always achieve what you set! Congratulations!
  • It may be a piece of paper, but it is an important piece of paper and the basis for what will follow. I wish the best!
  • Proud once again today. You will always be down, to applaud you!
  • The coveted degree, finally, in your hands! Well done!

Funny wishes for a degree (for the last course passed)

Eternal student, hostage to squatting or strikes, a little late but as consistent as he could. Few types of students who can match your friend or relative who finally managed to get a degree. Anyway, he did it! Send him your best and funniest wishes. As a graduate he endures a few jokes above.

  • The last lesson or the geyser of Arta! Olimeris was building it, in the semester we lost it! Congratulations!
  • Fortunately, you got your degree because the position in the nursing home is no longer held by us. Either we go this year or we lose it!
  • Remember when they said “how old were you, are you a marriage girl?” Fortunately, we will marry you as a graduate, don’t even tell us illiterates!
  • We gave something more but we got it! Oops, sorry, I forgot to mention that.
  • Well done and congratulations for the degree but tell us what you will treat, let us know.
  • We were told that after the swearing in you will take us for coffee. Big, bouzouki at least, do not laugh.
  • We were told that you are getting your first degree. They do not know that you make coffee… postgraduate level?
  • Okay, now that you have a degree you will also be an unemployed graduate, not simple.
  • Now that you have passed the last lesson, come and tell the truth, how much more do you owe?
  • This last lesson, man, not even the way to go and come from the moon in two hours!
  • Fortunately, you got a degree, you started a job, the country needs you. What do you mean you have booked a two month vacation?
  • When you entered the university you were afraid of the first lessons. No one had told you about the last one, right ?!
  • There is always one last lesson, man. Also known as “the last and overwhelmed”. Congratulations!

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