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Saturday, March 6, 2021

30 Best April Fool Pranks 2021

April Fools’ Day, which is observed every year on April 1st, has been observed by various cultures for millennia, though its sources are unknown. We have the list of “30 Best April Fool Pranks 2021 | April Fool Day Jokes” Playing practical jokes or conspiracies on others is a popular April Fools’ Day practice, with the phrase “April Fools!” yelled at the end to reveal the April Fools’ Day prank’s subject. Although the origins of April Fools’ Day are unknown, the media’s and major brands’ acceptance of April Fools’ Day jokes has guaranteed the holiday’s longevity.

April Fools’ Day has a long and illustrious history:

During the 18th century, April Fools’ Day became famous throughout the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the practice evolved into a two-day affair, beginning with “hunting the gowk,” in which people were sent on fictitious chores (gowk is a Scottish term for a fool), and ending with Tailie Day, which involved pranks on people’s behinds, such as pinning false tails or “kick me” signs on them.

30 Best April Fool Pranks 2021 | April Fool Jokes

1. Fix an Airhorn on their chair:april fool pranks image 1

You should put an airhorn in someone’s seat. A sound will be made every time the individual moves, which will make them feel ashamed.

2. Caramel onion can tickle their taste receptors:april fool pranks image 2

On the dinner table, peel some onions, color them red, and place them with matchsticks. You will play the prank with your friends and peers if you stay together.

3. The Prank Mouse:april fool pranks image 3

What you have to do is stick a piece of sellotape to the back of your mouse to prevent the menu button from getting to work. The receiver should wonder why their mouse doesn’t work.

4. Artificial reptile site:april fool pranks image 4

In your vegetable basket, you should put an artificial snake or lizard. It’ll be enough to frighten your mom or wife.

5. Adhesive:april fool pranks image 5

Since it is easy to perform this joke on the dirtier side. Remove and fill the adhesive in your disinfectant tub. In your hands, what beneficiaries can churn out is a sticky surprise.

6. Lamps of dummy insects:april fool pranks image 6

This is one of the earliest April fools’ pranks, but it never fails to amuse. You may buy a fake bug or use paper and scissors to cut and create a dummy bug. After that, you should put the insect inside a table lamp. It will terrify the family and serve as an April Fool’s joke. Do so at night so that it will startle them when they wake up the next morning.

7. Rewards relations that are not genuine:april fool pranks image 7

You may have seen the love calculator at some point in your life, which sends the names entered into the box to the recipient. By making a tiny site, you can play these types of pranks on your peers. A website is all that anybody should do! You can quickly create blogs and email pranks to your friends using the software available online. Happy April Fools’ Day! I hope you had a good time pranking your colleagues.

8. There Is No Solution in Sight:april fool pranks image 8

What could be more aggravating than constantly turning the toilet paper roll in pursuit of the end? Make the activity even more difficult by spraying hairspray on the loose edge of the toilet paper roll — they can rotate and roll, but they won’t be able to loosen the loose edge before losing their cool.

9. Drinks That Aren’t Drinkable:april fool pranks image 9

Make an Apple juice and place it in juice glasses with a straw in each one. Serve them up to the visitors’ surprise: those “drinks” aren’t even liquid, and those straws aren’t going to help them get anywhere.

10. April Fools pranks on Gravitational Glass:april fool pranks image 10

Put an upside-down glass of water on the joke victim’s tabletop and challenge them to find out how to clear it without spilling the contents. Fill a glass halfway with water, then place a card on edge of it before easily flipping it upside down on the table. The card can then be carefully removed. You have just read the top 10 april fool pranks of this year, keep scrolling down.

11. Obstacle made of rubber bands:

Spend some time wrapping one of their most important items, such as the remote control or their tablet, in layers of rubber bands. Then wait as they struggle to keep their cool long enough just to detach it.

12. The Cacophony:

Place bubble wrap under a futon mattress or a shag rug to give a random person a nasty surprise as they walk down. This one works well first thing in the morning before your inevitable consequence has had some caffeine — there’s nothing like a noisy, sudden disturbance to get someone’s attention!

13. Diaper Soiled:

Yes, the popular baby shower game of melting chocolate in a diaper also serves well as an April Fool’s joke. If you have a toddler at home, rub chocolate candy or whipped cream on a diaper, and call in some kind of a friend or infant to watch in horror as you eat the chaos.

14. Bait Pecker:

Attach a party popper — yeah, the kind you can get for New Year’s Eve at the dollar store — to the jam of a doorway, with the cord stretching over it. As a result, when someone twists the knob to reach the threshold, they’ll be greeted by a sharp sound and a mini confetti blast.

15. Both eyes are on you:

Place a pair of google eyes on each object in the fridge so that when the door is opened, the food items seem to be staring back. This method works well for every kind of product.

16. Caper of a Vehicle:

Design a sign that says “honk and smile” and hide it inside your prank target’s vehicle (and not blocking their views at all). They’ll ask why they’re constantly beeped at by drivers who appear more flirty than frustrating for the duration of their ride.

17. Remote Control Is Uncontrollable:

This joke removes the word “order” from the phrase “remote control”: Cover the sensor on the clicker with a little sticker or piece of tape. And with new batteries, they won’t be able to switch those TV channels no matter how hard they try.

18. Balloon Room (Balloon Room):

Find a windowed door that your prank victim can see from the outside. Blow up a bunch of balloons and arrange them in a cluster. Attach to the inside of the door’s window to make it seem as if the whole room were bursting at the seams of balloons on the other hand. (And, oh, what if you can fill the whole room with balloons? Much better!)

19. Telephone pranks:

Most of the greatest April Fools pranks were hoax phone calls. Prank phone calls are nothing new; people have done them since they were children, but now you can do it with the help of multiple applications installed on your phone. This application will assist you in concealing your identity from your peers while also allowing you to make as many phone calls as possible. You should play this joke on your colleagues.

20. Forward Show 30 Mins

Many of us have to watch certain shows with our partner or roommate without skipping ahead. So, go to the episode list and start playing the show a few more episodes so they realize you’ve moved ahead without them. Try to keep a straight face when they know everything isn’t quite right as you sit down to watch later! Don’t forget to let us know, what is your 2021 april fool pranks.

21.Taste Test

Ask a loved one to taste-test what’s on the spoon when you’re preparing dinner… Just mix up those bizarre ingredients in advance and put them on the spoon instead of the food you’re preparing!

22. Video Call Audio Mute

Pretend you’re telling an intriguing story to your BFF during a video chat by moving your mouth and making expressive expressions/gestures without saying something!

23. Hide Morning Coffee

Hide all of your K-Cups or powdered coffee in the morning to see how long it takes for your family to worry!

24. Go Online

Go live on Instagram with your phone pointing at something interesting, keep it there for a moment, and see what people say!

25. Spread False News

Inform your next-door neighbor that you saw a dog in their yard on the side of their building.

26. Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Change a friend’s phone’s keyboard shortcuts to make them insane with poor spelling or an entirely new word option!

27. Flip Everything

On April Fools’ Day, get up early and flip everything you can think about inside the house upside down!

28. Stick Parking Ticket

Have a good time sticking fictitious parking tickets on the windshields of your teenagers or your best friend and watching them sweat!

29. Change Sock Drawers

Change out all of the family members’ sock drawers. They’ll be completely perplexed as they prepare for school or jobs!

30. Snake in Can Joke

Set out this “Snake in a Can” joke, which resembles a potato chip can but features a four-foot snake that pops out when the lid is opened!

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We hope you find this year “April Fool Pranks 2021” quit funny, must try your favrouite one & do let us know your friends or family members reaction in below comment.

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