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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

75 Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend » True Love Words

Christmas wishes for girlfriend - love you

Twinkling lights, decorations that sparkle, and snowy scenes add to the beauty of Christmas, but nothing makes it more beautiful than your amazing girlfriend. Spending time with her at Christmas and expressing your love fills your thoughts. As your heart overflows with wishes and dreams for a blessed Christmas together, be sure to let her know how much she means to you. The following Christmas wishes for girlfriend and expressions of love, are the perfect way to warm her heart this Christmas.

Christmas wishes for girlfriend full of romance

  • ~ Spending time with you is at the top of my wish list this Christmas, girl.
  • ~ What a special gift you are at Christmas and always, sweet girl.
  • ~ You are my only desire this Christmas, babe.
  • ~ Babe, even when we’re apart, you are the number one thing on my mind.
  • ~ Sweet girl, I can’t think of anything I want for Christmas but you.
  • ~ You are the most valuable gift a guy could ever dream of. Merry Christmas.
  • ~ Girl, you make me merry at Christmas and all year long.
  • ~ Honey, you make my life worthwhile. Here’s to a sleighful of fun Christmas moments together.
  • ~ Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially when I get to spend it with you, beautiful girl.
  • ~ My heart melts like a marshmallow in hot cocoa every time I think of you. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you, girl.
  • ~ Woman, you’re the main reason my Christmas season is merry and bright.
  • ~ Christmas decorations light up my eyes, but your smile lights up my heart, precious girl.

Christmas wishes for girlfriend - I want to spend this Christmas with you

  • ~ When my phone lights up with a text from my gorgeous woman, my whole day gets as bright as a Christmas tree.
  • ~ I can’t wait to show you how much you mean to me this Christmas, sweet girl.
  • ~ I can’t wait to spend beautiful moments with you at Christmas, sweetheart.
  • ~ You are a sugar-plum vision because there’s always a cloud of sweetness around you, girl.
  • ~ I’m looking forward to seeing your pretty face in the glow of Christmas lights.
  • ~ If each star in the heavens was a Christmas wish, I’d light up the sky for you, the girl of my dreams.
  • ~ Let’s make some Christmas magic tonight and be merry, babe.
  • ~ I dream of a Christmas spent with you this year, girl.
  • ~ You are my sparkling angel, brighter than the one that lights up the tree.
  • ~ The snow may be glistening, but not as beautifully as your lips, girl.
  • ~ Merry Kiss-me-us, babe.
  • ~ Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes – Merry Christmas Baby
  • ~ I want to be ho, ho, home for Christmas with you, sweet angel.
  • ~ Darling girl, you’re sweeter than a Christmas cookie.
  • ~ I fall in love with you again every day and twice as deeply at Christmas, precious girl.
  • ~ Your beautiful smile spreads Christmas cheer to all who see it.

Your Christmas Eyes - Christmas messages for girlfriend

  • ~ Girl, you’re warmer than cocoa, sweeter than peppermint, and prettier than a Christmas present.
  • ~ If kisses were diamonds, I’d hang them from your ears this Christmas.
  • ~ Honey, you are a hint of heaven. Happy holidays to the one I love the most.
  • ~ Looking forward to having you melt in my arms this Christmas, my little snowflake.
  • ~ Hey babe, my love-light is gleaming for you! I’ll be home for Christmas soon.
  • ~ Merry Christmas Wishes For Her
  • ~ If I had a reindeer, some magic, and a sleigh, I’d come to your door and ask you out, and take you far away.
  • ~ The night is clear and full of cheer, so let me take you out, my dear.
  • ~ Girl, it’s thrilling to know that you’re willing to spend Christmas with me.
  • ~ This Christmas, may your lovely eyes sparkle more than the lights on the tree.
  • ~ The fire may be slowly dying, but my love for you will live forever. This Christmas will be the best because of you, girl.
  • ~ Baby, it’s cold outside this Christmas Eve, but you always keep my heart warm.
  • ~ Girl, I have fa-la-la-la-llen in love with you.
  • ~ Honey, let’s have ourselves a merry little Christmas together.
  • ~ Let’s never let this Christmas magic slip away, girl.
  • ~ Let there be joy to our world tonight, babe.
  • ~ I’m feeling a little frosty. Come over and make me a jolly, happy soul for Christmas.
  • ~ I don’t need an old silk hat to make me dance around. Your smile at Christmas is all it takes, girl.
  • ~ There is only one present I don’t want to unwrap, babe, and that’s the gift of your arms around me.
  • ~ Love is in the air, and this year it’s mixed with a little Christmas magic because of you, sweet girl.
  • ~ We could spend the evening wrapping gifts, or we could just get wrapped in each other’s arms. What do you think, babe?
  • ~ Girl, I hope I find you under the mistletoe a lot this season.
  • ~ Sweet & Merry Christmas Wishes For Wife
  • ~ Let’s take a ride down Santa Claus Lane with a little champagne tonight, darling.
  • ~ Honey, even ugly Christmas sweaters look beautiful on you.
  • ~ Let’s share a candy cane, my little Cindy Lou Who.
  • ~ This Christmas I want to wrap your heart with every loving wish, precious angel girl.
  • ~ Woman, I’m not sure which are sweeter, your hugs or your kisses. I’m hoping to get plenty of both this Christmas.
  • ~ Nothing is more spellbinding at Christmas than the sight of your lovely face.
  • ~ My heart’s bells jingle every time I think of you, girl.
  • ~ Time to cheer out loud because Christmas is here and I get to spend it with you this year! Thanks for being the perfect girl for me.
  • ~ Pure and true is my love for you! I’m looking forward to being together for Christmas, my dear girl.
  • ~ A little nod and a little wink, and suddenly I can hardly think! Only you can do that to me, girl. Happy Christmas!
  • ~ Girl, a peck on the cheek makes me weak, especially when you share that Christmas mystique.
  • ~ Gorgeous girl, I’ll tell you this—I can’t wait for a Christmas kiss!
  • ~ Christmas is bliss-mas when I’m with you.
  • ~ 20 Magical Christmas Love Messages
  • ~ Come over here and shake those hips, and let me kiss those Christmas lips.
  • ~ Sit over here, little Christmas elf, and let me have you all to myself!
  • ~ Candy canes and luscious kisses make this Christmas quite delicious. Can you tell I’m missing your lips right now, girl?
  • ~ I miss you at Christmas; I hate this distance. Can’t wait to be closer to you, my love.
  • ~ Girl, I’m ready to play on this bright holiday.
  • ~ I have mistletoe and holly for my little hot tamale.
  • ~ ‘Tis the season for cuddles, kisses, hugs, and wishes with my favorite girl.
  • ~ Peace, love, and joy from your favorite boy.
  • ~ I hope you’ll trim the tree with no one but me this year.
  • ~ Hey girl, let’s flirt over Christmas dessert.
  • ~ If I had a reindeer, some magic, and a sleigh, I’d come to your door and ask you out, and take you far away.
  • ~ The night is clear and full of cheer, so let me take you out, my dear.
  • ~ Girl, it’s thrilling to know that you’re willing to spend Christmas with me.

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