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Friday, March 5, 2021

Happy Mahashivratri Shayari Wishes in Hindi, Happy Mahashivratri Mahadev Status

Maha Shivratri, or ‘the greatest of the night of Lord Shiva‘, is a celebration that is praised with awesome assurance and commitment among the Hindu people group of India and in parts of Nepal. The fourteenth day of every month is celebrated as Shivratri. In any case, out of the 12 Shivratri in a year, the Mahashivratri that falls in February-March is respected to be the most profoundly huge. It is said that a fan who offers true and sincere petitions to Lord Shiva on the propitious event of Mahashivratri, would be vindicated of the considerable number of sins and could even achieve ‘moksha’. Actually, according to a few sacred writings, it was Lord Shiva himself, who expressed this as a reality, when his partner, Goddess Parvati, asked him which custom performed by his aficionados satisfied him the most? There are lots of Mahashivratri Shayari in Hindi language or Happy Mahashivratri wishes in Hindi on the internet and you can choose any of them and send them to your friends and families.

Happy Mahashivratri Shayari in Hindi, Good Mahashivratri poetry

Happy Shivratri Shayari

May Shiva’s shadow rest on you,
Reverse what your destiny is;
You got them all in your life,
Which nobody ever found!

Best wishes to Shivaratri!


Shiva’s glory crossed overhead;
Shiva does salvation for all;
May His grace always be with you;
And thousands of happiness in your life.

Shiva with the bomb naïve damru is the lovely name.
Hari’s lovely name is seen on the devotees.
Worship of Lord Shiva who is from the heart
Lord Shankar is his all time work!

Happy Shivaratri!

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Happy Mahashivratri Shayari & Shivratri Msg for Whatsapp

Probably few people know that Shivaratri comes 2 times a year, one Shivaratri that everyone knows, and the second Shivaratri of Saavan. This Shivaratri is equally important as Sawan Shiva is the most favorite month of Lord Shiva and the Shivaratri that falls in this month of Shravan (Shravan month) is called Shivaratri of Sawan. Friends, although the time of Corona is going on, but there is no shortage in the devotion and faith of the devotees of Bholenath. The festival of Mahashivaratri will be celebrated this year with the same zeal and enthusiasm. This time, take a bath with water bath and panchamrit on Mahadev’s Shivalinga so that we can please God. You this Shivratri shayari For the month of Sawan, you can share it with your friends and Shiva devotees. Happy Shivaratri ..

Mahashivratri Shayari

Happy Mahashivratri Shayari in Hindi Language

By the power of Shiva;
By devotion to Shiva;
Pleasure should be given;
By the grace of Mahadev;
May all your friends be loved in life.
Good wishes on the auspicious officer of Mahashivratri!

Pk hemp zama lo rang;
Life with past happiness;
Taking the name of Shiva Bhole;
Fill Shivaratri’s zeal in the heart.
Happy Mahashivratri to all your family members.

Noor is found by Shankar’s light;
May the hearts of the devotees be found;
Whatever comes to Shiva’s door;
Everyone definitely gets fruit.
Happy Mahashivratri.

Shiva’s light increases the light
Whoever goes to naive gates
He definitely gets something or the other

Everywhere Shiva

Faith only in 7
Believe only in 7
Power only in 4
The whole world in 4
Good days start at 4

Jai Shiv Shankar

Happy Mahashivaratri

Bum Bhole Damru is the lovely name of Shiva.
Hari’s lovely name is the one showing the devotees.
Shiva Shambhu who worshiped from the heart
Lord Shankar is his decoration work.

Shiv Satya Hai, Shiv Anant Hai,
Shiv Anadi Hai, Shiv Bhagwant Hai,
Shiv Omkar Hai, Shv Bramh Hai,
Shiv Shakti Hai, Shiv Bhakti Hai,
Aao Bhagwan Shiv Ka Naman Kare,
Unka Aashirwad Hamesha Hum Par Rahe… !!!

Har har Mahadev

Maha Shivratri Attitude Shayari

Whosoever is in the shelter
Naman is in that naïve phase
Become washed away by the feet of that innocent
Let’s get together in steps
Flowers of reverence from their heart

You are blessed by Bhole Baba
You should receive their blessings,
You should make a lot of progress in your life,
And everyone’s love should be found with you.
Jai Bhole Shiv Shankar Baba’s Jai.

. . . .”$”. . .
. “{ = = }”
. “{ = = }”
. “{ = = }”
A flower
A vine leaves
A lotta water’s edge
Save everyone, Jai Bhole Bam Bum Bole

Let me drown in naive leela
Let the head bow at the feet of Shiva
Today is Shivaratri, my innocent Baba’s day
Give me songs of Bhole today

Shiva is the beloved name of Bam Bhole Damru.
Hari is the lovely name of the devotee who looks at the devotees.
Worship of Lord Shiva who is from the heart
Lord Shankar is his all time work!
Happy shivratri

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