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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Corona: Essay on this is a global pandemic

At present, if anything is in discussion in the whole world, then it is Corona, which has also been given the name of Kovid-19. Due to its spread all over the world, Corona has become not just a disease, but Corona has become a global epidemic, whose outbreak will take such a terrible form that we never thought. Come we Corona a global epidemic Have written essays on, read and know the Corona global epidemic closely and talk about all aspects of it-

Corona Ek Vaishvik Mahamari

What is Coronavirus?

The corona virus was first discovered by researchers in 1937. It was a type of bronchitis and has its effect on the respiratory or respiratory system.

It was first found in sparrows and chickens. but In 1960, evidence of corona virus was found in the human body for the first time . Especially those people who used to have mild cold or cold, this virus was found in their “nose” in general.

At that time, its effect was limited only to colds and colds. Then over time it also began to change its forms.

If its name is analyzed, in the Latin language, “Corona “means” Crown“, Because it looked almost like a crown or crown.

Generally, the effect of this virus was on the basis of changing seasons, with colds occurring as well as mild fever etc. and there was no definite time, it could happen anytime.

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How did the corona virus spread in the world?

Coronavirus Spread in World

Since 1937, the corona virus was constantly changing its form or type.

This corona virus along with sparrows, chickens, along with other animals, bats, has also been found to have an effect on the human body.

Since it is a contact disease and its form became even more dangerous, this dangerous form was introduced from Wuhan, China.

Apart from animals and birds, since this man has entered the body, and since humans live most of all and are often crowded, the infection of the virus has more effect on the human body.

The main place of onset of corona virus

COVID-19 spread from Wuhan

In the early days of the discovery of this virus, it has been called “Wuhan Corona virus” and sometimes “Wuhan pneumonia”. Geographically, it has also been known as “Spanish Flu”, “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” and “Zika Virus”.

In March 2020, the virus was named COVID-19 which meant “CO for Corona” “VI for Virus”, “D for disease” aur since it started to wreak havoc in 2019, hence it was called “COVID-19”. “Named.

Corona was seen as a global epidemic in December 2019 and its impact on the human body was very dangerous and fatal. But researchers speculate that Wuhan originated from a meat-fish market in China.

COVID-19 is a type of contact-spreading disease, which is mainly spread in fauna by “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” (SARS -COV 2).

The virus was first found in “Wuhan”, China, whose outbreak grew so rapidly that it created panic all over the world. Right now, by April 2021, it has engulfed around 20 million people in the world.

Since or before the common cold-cold, fever came in front of people, one way for many people to avoid it, is that cold-fever, fever treatment should be started immediately.

Common symptoms of corona virus

Coronavirus Symptoms

In the last 84 years, the symptoms of diseases caused by this virus have changed over time, ranging from mild colds, colds, fever, to colds, fever, headache, smelling power, loss of taste on the tongue, Congestion in the nose, runny nose, cough, pain in the muscles, dryness of the throat and pain in the throat, tiredness, diarrhea and difficulty in breathing.

This symptom also depends on the physiology of the person, how strong or weak that person’s immunity is. About 81% of people show mild and common goals, even mild pneumonia, while 14% have severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, lack of oxygen (which nowadays is very much ) And about 50% of lung-related diseases.

It has also been observed that sometimes these symptoms are so subtle, that, corona virus can also show its effect on a person and since their immunity is somewhat powerful, and this virus also goes away on its own. , Which are also called “asymptomatic” symptoms, and research has also found that the virus spreads faster than such individuals, since they are not aware that they are infected.

But just now the corona has emerged as a global pandemic, the virus it contains, basically it is an “incomplete structure”, which tries to complete by using the protein of a person’s body to complete itself. , And its “mutation” or dispersion in the body is so fast and fast that if a person’s immunity is not strong, it soon takes over the whole body and eventually can make you very sick, even bringing you to oxygen. Is, and today in April 2021 all this is being observed.

Corona virus causes the disease to spread

Corona Spreading Reason

Diseases caused by the corona virus are mainly through the respiratory system or respiratory system, which includes contact with a victim, its impact by breath, infection with talking, colds, colds, etc.

In January 2020, the corona virus began to be communicated mainly through water spray or “droplet”, which is now in the air 1 year later and so cases of corona virus are increasing in India, which is called ” The second wave is also being called.

With this the effect or infection used to last for 4-7 days, but today it has been around 10 to 15 days in April 2021 and at the same time, the lack of oxygen in the lungs is being found in abundance.

Corona Prevention and Measures from a Global Pandemic

The biggest and most important thing is that the “treatment” of this corona virus is in the “prevention” of this virus. Which includes:

Corona Prevention and Remedy

  • Be out in the open anywhere,
  • Do not stay close to people,
  • Whenever people want to go out, wear a “face mask”,
  • Keep maximum ventilation,
  • Stay in a ventilated place,
  • Keep cleaning around,
  • Washing hands, mouth, feet from time to time,
  • Keep using the sanitizer as needed,
  • Do not use such places, such as elevators, corridors, etc., where ventilation is not sufficient.
  • If the symptoms persist for a few more days, then see the doctor.
  • Be sure to drink a “decoction” made from spices and herbs available in the kitchen of the house, so that the immune system remains strong.
  • Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits or vegetable juice
  • Stay away from junk food, things kept in the fridge, eating late at night, eating outside, etc.
  • Do not eat or drink cold things,
  • Keep drinking hot water,
  • Continue to clean whatever surface you touch.

Vaccine for corona

Coronavirus Vaccination

On 10 January 2020, the genetic sequence data of SARS-CoV-2 was given to “GISAID” and on 19 March 2020 the “Global Pharmaceutical Industry” announced that they were committed to manufacture vaccines to protect against “COVID-19” Huh .

There have been some trials at its medical level, and in Phase 3 this vaccine has shown its positive effect on about 95% of people who had symptoms of corona.
As of April 2021, 13 vaccines have been authorized in which at least one “National Regulatory Authority” of a country has been authorized for treatment against COVID-19.

जिसमें 2 RNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna Vaccine), 5 Conventional inactivted vaccines (BBIBP-CorV, CoronaVac, Covaxin, WIBP-CorV and CoviVac), 4 Viral vector vaccine (Sputnik V, Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, Convidecia & Johnson & Johnson vaccine), 2 protein subunit vaccine (EpiVacCorona and RBD-Dimer) शामिल हैं।

As of March 2021, 308 candidates who are at different stages of vaccine manufacture are in 73 clinical research with 24 in Phase 1 trials, 33 in Phase 1 -2 trials and 16 in Phase 3 trials.

What are the effects of this vaccine in the long term, it is not known yet, because the effect of corona virus is only for 1 year now, but in the short term, these effects can occur:

  • Having pain at the site of injection
  • Swollen place
  • Feeling tired
  • Headache and muscle soreness
  • Fever may also occur

This is because, in particular, this vaccine is being given, which increases the strength of our “immune system” so that the body can fight the corona virus and we are safe.

Other similar effects may also appear in the second phase of the vaccine.
As of April 2021, 1.03 billion vaccines have been sent all over the world, with valuable contributions from related pharmacy companies.

Impact of corona epidemic on human life!

Corona Virus Impact on Human

If we look at the corona in human terms, then it is 100% certain that the importance of “human values” in human life has increased considerably, besides positive changes have been seen in the awareness of the future.

Keeping in touch with “loved ones” while remaining confined in our home, now we have all learned well, as well as about how to keep ourselves healthy through natural medicine about the health of “ourselves and ours”. All information is easily available in abundance.

Corona If we look at the other side of a global epidemic, even after the country’s economy is “completely shut down”, this epidemic has gained some knowledge of how to take its life towards the future. It is obvious that, even if the GDP of a country becomes negative, there is some confidence in the political strategy of the country to provide the necessary needs to every citizen of the country.

If seen on a country-wide basis, history is witness that, if any epidemic has happened in any country, then that country has brought Yen-ken-type itself into the “mainstream”. No matter how long it took, but it may not be the same all the time.

Corona Life on Earth After a Global Pandemic

Earth After Corona

The way the “plague” affected humans and animals, at least, it did not affect the “animals” at all in the Corona period, otherwise, the sequence of deaths would have been on humans as well as animals and then This situation would have been even more “terrible and frightening”.

Whether we believe human or not, “Nature” has always nurtured us, and has created such conditions, so that life of plants and plants along with humans and animals can also be maintained in a healthy way. are.

Whenever an outbreak of pandemic has occurred, everything has gone well with “time”.
Now is the time to change the way of life as needed and to use and develop adequate resources by taking full precautions with caution, only then life will move towards a golden tomorrow.

Determination of essential policies after the epidemic

Wear a Mask Govt Action Due to Corona

After the Corona Global Pandemic, each country has a duty to determine the policies necessary to preserve the life of human and animal life according to the social, geographical and environment of their country and to speed up life by all basic needs.

Along with changes in lifestyle, life should be protected with caution and necessary information about the future.

It is also a matter of concern that this “corona virus” is not stable in one form, it is constantly changing its form, so that it does not get the same amount of time for necessary research in the medical field to prevent it. So that almost every “form” of it can be avoided.

But until now, due to the formation of “anti-bodies” in the body of most people, the human body must have the power to fight it, and after a few months or a few years, it may be possible that its effect on human life is so much ” Do not be “terrible”.

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