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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Do people ever come back

Do people ever come back
Left what makes him back

They make up their mind long before
Then why do not you go after telling someone

These thieves come out of their own house
Why do they find it appropriate,
Why don’t you take the curse of the house with you like this…
Why don’t they break the chain of love before leaving?

Can not give the grain of love
So why not open the cages of love

Whom did Roshan do in his honor
Why leave him alone in the darkness of the forest…

Why do we leave our waiting postponement
Do not come back, why do not they tell directly?

When you have already done it, Dillardi Guptagu from someone else
Even then why do you keep the first c…
If you don’t know how to keep up, then why do false vows eat promises

Why do you run a dagger over an innocent heart with your eyes…
They decorate their beauty so much before leaving
Why not shine the mirror of your heart…

When you take all the belongings of the house with you
Take home light, air, happiness all
So why leave your memories

Why not spread your fragrance in the corners and cover it…
On their separation, those who live ajar die
Why do not you go stabbing in the stomach….

Where do these people also return?
Had smelled with his tabassum, who ever
Returning and hugging her again is a distant thing
Do not even come back to pray for his death

Do people ever come back
Left what makes him back

Nupoor Kumari

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