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Friday, April 9, 2021

Download Android Multi Tools Software, How to Use it? A Complete Guide

The beauty of Android OS is it offers users to customize their devices according to their needs. There are a plethora of tweaks and customizations that a user could carry out on their device. That’s why people love android the most. The biggest factor that Android offers this customization is that it is open-sourced.

If we talk about device protection, we could choose between gesture unlock, pin, password, or use the FRP to restrict unauthorized access to your device after a reset. But if a user ends up forgetting this password, it might be trouble for you. In this situation, most probably you will take the device to the service station and get the lock reset. But do you know that there is an amazing tool to reset the phone’s lock without taking it to a service station? It is Android Multi Tools.

Not just that, Android Multi Tools helps you to boot your device to Fastboot or Recovery mode. Also, you could know about all the hardware and software information from this tool. In this article, we are going to guide you on downloading and correctly using that tool. Before we guide to complete installation steps, let’s check out more about the Android Multi Tools.

What is Android Multi Tools?

Using Android Multi Tools, you can carry out a wide array of customization and tweaks. You could easily reset the face unlock, Pin unlock and password from your device if you end up forgetting them, and in the same way, you could reset your Gmail password and bypass the FRP lock.

Also, you could easily delete cache files and data from your device with just a single click. Most of the tech enthusiasts usually step into custom development like flashing different kinds of files or unlocking the bootloader. And for those, these tools could be very helpful. You can easily boot your device to Fastboot, bootloader, or Recovery mode using these tools. So, all in all, you could consider Android Multi Tools as a one-step place to meet your smartphone needs.

What are the Features that Android Multi Tools Offer?

Well, there are a lot of Android Multi Tools offers you should know.

  • Check Device: You can check whether your Android device is successfully connected or not using this option.
  • Reset Face/Pin Lock: you can reset the face unlock or PIN of your device using this feature.
  • Reset Gmail: If you forgot the credentials of your Gmail account then you can reset them using this feature.
  • Wipe Data: This option will help you to delete all data from your android device. So before using the feature, backup all your data.
  • Reboot: With this feature, you can reboot your Android device in just one click.
  • Check Device On Fastboot Mode: You can check the connection status of your Android device when it is in Fastboot Mode.
  • Wipe Data/Cache On Fastboot Mode: This feature is for deleting all the data and cache in the device when it is in Fastboot mode.
  • Exit Fastboot Mode: If you want to exit from fastboot mode then this feature allows you to do that.
  • Go To Command Prompt: With this option, you can exit from the Multi Tools and return to Windows Command-Line.
  • Driver Download: You can download any drivers that are not installed on your computer using this option.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade firmware: With this option, you can upgrade or downgrade the stock firmware on your phone.
  • Software Info: If you want to find out the software details of your Android devices such as the Android version and ROM, then this option will help you to find them.
  • Hardware Info: You can check the hardware details of your Android device such as WiFi, sensor, camera touch screen etc. using this option.

Is Android Multi Tools safe?

Most of the android users do not know about Android Multi Tools and its features, so they have this question on their mind. If you have the same question then the answer is yes! Using the Multi Android Tools in your smartphone to reset the PIN, erase the device is safe. However, when you use such third party applications, you will lose the device warranty, so be aware of it.

How to download and use Android Multi Tools

Before we proceed to the steps, you should know about the

Requirements of Android Multi Tools:

  • You will require a Windows PC/Laptop.
  • A working internet connection.
  • Keep your device battery charged at least up to 50% for a smoother process.
  • A working USB cable is required to connect your device with the computer.

Steps to download and use Android Multi Tools.

  1. Download and install Android SDK on your PC. It is required for the proper functionality of the Android Multi Tools.
  2. Now Download the Android Multi Tools(v1.02b) on the computer.
  3. Unzip the downloaded Android Multi Tools zip file.
  4. Go inside the folder and run the Android Multi Tools(v1.02b).exe file and install it normally as an administrator.
  5. If the tool asks for any permissions, allow all the permissions.
  6. Now follow all the onscreen instructions and complete the installation process.
  7. Once the installation is complete, the command prompt window will appear.
  8. Now turn on USB debugging mode on your device.
  9. Connect the Android device to your computer using a USB Cable.
  10. Select the option that you want from the command prompt. Be careful when you select an option because your wrong selection can erase all the data from your Android device.

We hope that our guide helped you to download and use the Android Multi Tools Safely. so if you faced any issues downloading or using any steps above, let us know them in the comment section.

Multi-Tools v1.02b Android | Download

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