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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Growing Sectors Due to Coronavirus (Covid19) Lockdown or Curfew

The corona virus has pushed the entire world into recession. There are many areas which are facing recession. This virus has killed people in thousands of people. To avoid this, the government has decided to lockdown once again. All business in lockdown is closed, but there are some which are flourishing right now and will do good business even after the lockdown opens. Today we will know about Growing sectors due to corona-virus (covid19) or top profitable business in India due to corona –

Growing Sectors due to CoronaVirus (Covid-19) | Lockdown/Curfew

Growing Sectors Due to Corona-Rising Business

Internet Data Sector

All offices and shops are closed due to the lockdown, so all have been instructed to stay at home. In such a situation, people are using more internet at home than before. Many people are doing their work from home and a lot of internet data is being used in it. By this measure, their work is also going on at home. Some teachers are teaching their children online and for this they are making full use of internet data. One of the most important reasons for its use is cheap recharge offers, which provide unlimited calls and good data every day. The corona virus had no effect on this sector and is being used more than before.

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Health Sector means Health Sector

Our hero doctors, nurses and all the health department employees are working day and night to protect us from the corona virus. The companies making medical related things from Corona such as ventilators, masks, sanitizers, medicines etc. are doing very good business. In India, at least 10000 crore rupees are being used to promote companies related to this sector. The companies making the most sanitizers are earning. Today 10 to 30 sanitizers are being sold for 100 to 500 rupees. Demand for sanitizer is going to increase a lot in the coming time as well. Pharmaceuticals and Ayurvedic companies that make medicines that are beneficial in protecting people from this disease and increase immunity are also booming. Apart from this, the company that makes testing kits and PPT kits is also earning a lot. They have also been asked to increase the amount of its construction in the coming time. Mask makers are also making many times more than before to meet the rising demand in the market.

Delivery Cargo Sector

Due to the lockdown, home delivery facility has been started across the country, due to which the work pressure on the delivery cargo sector has increased a lot. They have to deliver many times more than before so that they can meet the demand of food and other essential goods. Truck drivers are working longer hours than before and delivery agents have also become very busy. They have the responsibility of dispatching medicines, masks, sanitizers, toilet paper, things needed for cleaning and food related things all over the country. Due to this, their work has increased and earning as well. According to the rules of this sector, they leave at the delivery gate so that their employees do not fall prey to infection.

Retail market means retail market

In this difficult time, the retail market is growing quite well and rapidly. In many cities, they are giving home delivery and in many retail centers, ration is being sold while maintaining social distance. People are taking more ration than before. Together they are taking ration for two to three months. Major retail stores are also selling only ration-related items. This sector has done more business than before and the earnings of this sector will continue.

Online Game and Book Company

In this lockdown, people sitting at home are spending their time by purchasing online eBooks. It has been observed that online book buying has increased manifold than before. Along with this, people are buying online games to spend time and spend their free time in lockdown playing the game.

E-commerce Sector

After opening the lockdown, online shopping will also increase because people will get the desired items easily at home and will not have to take the trouble of maintaining social distance by going out of the house. In this way, they can protect themselves from the corona virus.

All these sectors will continue to earn during lockdown and even after lockdown.

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