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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Attitude Thakur Attitude Status Images Quotes Shayari Whatsapp DP

When it comes to Thakurs, they are unique, Thakurs are known for their pride. Even today, Thakurs look as proud as before and in many places where there is a metro city, people remain normal. But even today in many states like Rajasthan, they still live in the same style in many places, they are not afraid of anyone and face a lot of trouble, because they are all settled in their blood. Come, some such noblemen Status attitude See full images of –

Thakur Attitude Status Images for Whatsapp

Thakur Hai Hum Unchi Shaan Humari

Honorable discipline,
This is our identity.
Thakur hai hum,
Our pride is ours.

Thakur Attitude Status Images

Often we our
Do not introduce
Seeing people face
They say, Thakur has come.

Thakur Sahab Status

Burn the fire and
An extinguisher is called ashes.
And whose status are you reading,
He is called Thakur Saheb.

Hathiyar Wafadar Thakuro Ke Status

No weapon
Even by mistake,
Weapons of Thakuro for centuries
Remain faithful.

Thakur Aur Dushman Attitude Status

Rip off the blood,
Enemy’s chest
That’s fun,
To live noblely

Everyone tries, but not everyone gets fresh,
Nobody can earn fame but Thakuro is not a guess

Life is done by Thakurs
They rule the legendary,
Who puts a crown on someone’s head,
Rajputs do their own coronation

It is the job of the auroras to boast of their strength and weakness.
Standing alone in the crowd, it is only the work of #Thakur lions.

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