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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Adding A Short and Sweet Wedding Anniversary Message To A Present

Wedding anniversary messages remain to be loving and thoughtful. It’s a perfect opportunity for couples to express their love for each other in the most romantic way they could. These sincere words are best to appear in a card or letter, but what if you plan to attach a message on a small present?

While you can use a separate card, some gifts would be much more meaningful with a concise and sweet quote. An example would be a personalized mug with a print that says, “World’s Best Husband” or “My Only Darling.” But let us stay away from the clichéd custom presents and think of something unique and more personal.

Custom Couple Bobbleheads With Dedication

Despite the progress in technology, it is still challenging to find a custom gift manufacturer online that makes all your personalization requests without breaking the bank. Luckily, we’ve been introduced to Cheap Bobbleheads and their vast array of selections.

Bobbleheads are small figures carrying a head bigger than its body. Commercial companies and marketing agencies use them to depict a mascot or a fictional character as patrons always look forward to memorabilia or souvenir of their favorite. Bobbleheads became a sensation in sports as most of these mini statues were sculptured after Baseball, Football, and Basketball idols.

Apart from being a collectible for the sake of fad, some companies dedicate a range of models to pay tribute to legends who passed away. Don’t be surprised if you come across a Stan Lee, Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jackson while shopping online.

How To Order A Custom Bobblehead?

Before you place an order online, write your brief message or quote. Strive to come up with something you are sincere about and relevant to your relationship. Think of the past years together and the significant events that strengthen your ties as a couple. Do not rush this particular step, as this is the most crucial of all.

Here Are A Few Wedding Anniversary Quotes That Should Inspire You:

Cheers to your special day.

It’s time to celebrate all over again.

Here’s wishing you another year of true love.

Warm wishes to you on your marriage milestone.

Here’s to another love-filled year together.

Every day, continue to love each other more and more.

Your smile still melts my heart.

Celebrating the day you gave up finding anyone better than me.

No alternate universe can make me choose anyone else.

Once you have decided on your quote, go to Browse through their selection, especially the couples category. Here, you can explore through a library of themes perfect for wedding souvenirs and gifts for couples celebrating their anniversaries.

Choose a design that would make you cherish an experience like your first out of the country, a summer getaway, or a famous city trip.

If the design that you have in mind is not there, you can always have it customized. Choose the Full Customized Bobblehead option and pick the right choices such as size, skin, eye, and hair color.

Upload a clear image of you and your partner that will serve as a reference for the artist. Under the “Words on Base” field, enter the quote or message you’ve thought about earlier.

Specify the remaining instructions you want to customize your couple bobbleheads in the notes field fully. Describe the background, the costumes, the props, the base, and other elements, including the tiniest detail to make the figures look the same as the image you have in mind.

Lastly, choose whether you’d like the order to be expedited or not. There will be additional charges for rushed orders, but it’s indeed worth it.

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