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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For

Sometimes we can not wish birthday to our friends or family members due to some problems. It’s also fun to send belated happy birthday wishes for friends or loved ones. We are here with Belated Happy Birthday Wishes because the wishes for a happy birthday are being given after the fact.


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Shakespeare said what’s in a name, I say what’s on a date. Happy Birthday!

Had I known you were such a difficult person to please, I would have never forgotten your birthday.

Why should I be sorry about not wishing you on your birthday? You saved some money by treating one less person, didn’t you? Belated happy birthday!

I don’t like the feeling of missing your birthday so here’s a belated birthday card and, to be safe, one for next year too. Happy birthday in advance.

Forgetfulness is contagious and with friends like you, no wonder I missed your birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.

Rock stars are never on time and that’s why I am fashionably late. Belated happy birthday.

I have hurt you by missing your birthday, but I am sure the wounds will heal once you see the gifts I’ve got for you. Happy Birthday!

I forgot about your birthday. So what? There’s always a next time, next year. ‘Til then, belated happy birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

Stop whining about how I forgot your birthday. Be a man; let’s have a beer to celebrate.

There is really no point in wishing someone happy birthday after their birthday has gone by. But the loyal friend that I am here’s a belated birthday wish just for you. Cheers!

Life is all about forgiving and forgetting. I forgot about your birthday and you can forgive me. How perfect.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

Did you know that you look really hot when you are in a forgiving mood? Belated happy birthday! xoxo

Sorry I am late. I spent a lot of time in deciding whether to send you a handwritten letter, email, voice message, Facebook message, tweet, SMS, or video message. I could not decide on a time. So here’s one of each – belated happy birthday!

I know I forgot your birthday but I also know that you are a sucker for gifts. So here you go, an expensive watch. Happy birthday, mate! Hope we are cool.

It is not my fault you are not on Facebook. Sign up, or remind me a few days before it is your birthday next time. Belated Happy Birthday!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

If you had to accept a bribe to forgive someone, what would it be? Tell me quickly because I need to wish you a late happy birthday.

I never forgot your birthday buddy. I just wanted to annoy you a little bit by sending my wishes a tad later. Belated happy birthday.

This wish may be coming in a bit late but it does not mean that you are excused from giving another party just for me.

No matter what I do, it will never change the fact that I forgot your birthday. So get over it. Belated happy birthday!

The best quality of a cool friend like you is that they never get angry when someone forgets to wish them on their birthday.

Surprise! I haven’t forgotten about your birthday. Belated wishes to you, Happy Birthday My Dear Friend.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

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