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Friday, June 25, 2021

Wishes for Goodnight Sweet dreams!

A goodnight. We all wish it, we dream it, we seek it. But what does a good night mean for each of us? An unforgettable adventure that will keep us awake until morning? A new love that will change our lives forever or finally, sweet dreams and a deep, carefree sleep under the stars?

Whatever it means to you, to whomever you wish her a “Good Night”, sent with love and care, is always welcome.

Sweet wishes for good night

Find below the most beautiful wishes for good night. For the whole family, for friends, for the company that is just leaving or for yourself that needs a little more care.

  • Good evening to all of us! Sweet and fantastic dreams!
  • I wish you a sweet good night, under the summer sky with those you love!
  • Sweet and unique dreams! To meet, to love, to have fun!
  • My sweet mom, I love you! Have a quiet night and in the morning find yourself relaxed and fresh.
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful evening. I had a wonderful time and it will be unforgettable. Good morning!
  • Good morning everyone! What a beautiful night today…
  • «But it has a full moon tonight and it’s nice…»Enjoy the magic of our life and good night!
  • A sweet good night, beautiful, peaceful dreams. May Morpheus be good to us…
Good night.

Good night.

Picture for good night.

Sweet dreams.

  • I surrender to your arms, Morpheus, and wait for your gifts. Let the dreams you bring be rare and amazing…
  • My dear friends, good evening! Relax and have a wonderful week!
  • Friday night and I’m already dancing! Good night!
  • A book, some wine and myself for today. Calm and peaceful evening, provided!
  • Have an unforgettable night. From those magical, amazing ones that you remember forever…
  • Good evening, wherever you are, alone or with good company… Good night!
  • Blessed night to all of us. May the dawn find us with health and a smile for the new day.

Goodnight My Love! | Wishes for sweet dreams to your loved one

Ever since love was discovered, the art of good night has also been discovered. Our love goes away, either because we live separately or because we have to… The goodnight kiss has inspired the arts like, perhaps, no one else. Accompany your message with a beautiful image or leave it all to the imagination. But never forget the “good night” to your loved one.

  • “Good night, good night, this bitterness of separation has such a sweetness that I will say good night to you until dawn”… William Shakespeare
  • I love you as dark as this night γα I love you as longingly for the sun to rise…
  • Good night baby ω I love you and thank you for one more night, magic…
  • My love, I do not know what else to ask for from our day together μαι I just wish we could spend the nights together μα soon…
  • Good night my star γλυ ‘Sweet and in love dreams.
Good night.

Goodnight my star…

Good night for lovers.

Sweet and in love dreams…

Good night.

Goodnight My Baby.

  • I wish to be in your dreams. I wish to be your queen…
  • “Stay here μη Good night’s kisses do not give me…”
    Lina Nikolakopoulou
  • As you surrender to your sweet sleep tonight, remember how much I love you. I will always be here, always by your side.
  • Will you see me in your dream? Will you love me as much as I do? Impossible…
  • I will cover you with my hands so that you do not get cold, I will hug you if you are afraid, I will kiss you if you feel alone… I will always be your husband.
  • Good night my beautiful eyes. Rest your mind and body and tomorrow dawn the day when all your dreams will come true.
  • Such a cold and calm night I met you. I have never had a cold since…
  • I adore you, good night, be careful, love me.
  • Good night to the love of my life. How I would like to be by your side tonight…
  • I love you and I love you and I will tell you a thousand times
  • Good night my love
  • I will see you in my dreams

Funny goodnights

Good night or not, some friends deserve a little fun even if they are drowsy. Get ideas!

  • Who told you I was drowsy? Καλην… ζζζζζζζζζ
  • A little wine, a little sea and my pillow, please!
  • Will you go out? How (I) do not envy! Good night, Greek children! Drink a bomb for me too!
  • Listen to her say, to see her in my dream! I am on a diet, my lady, I keep my dreams for pizza and skewers.
Good night.

GOODNIGHT and sweet dreams.

Picture for good night.

I will see you in my dreams!

  • Weekend in sight, cuddles, see you on Monday!
  • Crazy Saturday night again, Netflix be well!
  • Of course I will sleep, have you seen how you who stay overnight have become? Dermatologists cost!
  • Black is the night in the mountains
    black and my night
    where are you my sweet pizza
    I see you in my dreams

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