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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Top 50 + 25th Anniversary Wishes & Quotes For 2021

A wedding Anniversary is a time to celebrate your days and memories. Its always be very special. This day comes once a year. It’s time to remember the days you have spent together with love and blessings.

On this day partners express their feelings of love for their partner. Anniversary is used to celebrate love, happiness, and the years of togetherness.

It symbolizes the completion of another amazing year of this loving married life. As the years passing the relationship and bonding become strong between a couple.

While your understanding is the reason for your togetherness. On the anniversary you realize that your love and bond are really strong and powerful. Express feelings to each other and promise to keep the relationship more solid.

25th Anniversary

Every year the day of the wedding anniversary is very special. But when it’s your silver wedding anniversary it has its own specialty and value.

The 25th anniversary is known as the Silver or Silver Jubilee Anniversary. It’s a day when you have completed an important 25 years of your married life with your partner. It shows your long-lasting love for your partner.

It gives more strengthens to a couple of relationships. Couples try to make this day a more memorable one. They enjoy this day by celebrating and expressing their love and happiness towards each other.

silver jubilee wishes

The 25th anniversary is one of the best days for the couple which demands to be celebrated. Every couple celebrates this day in different manners.

Some celebrate their anniversary by going on a holiday destination. Some try to spending quality time together at home. Most people exchange gifts and arrange a splendid function.

Silver Jubilee Anniversary

Make unforgettable wishes for the silver wedding anniversary of your beloved by giving her a gift that will last forever. A nice card with quotes will be the perfect addition to the gift. Everyone has something special to admire her or his partner. Express these special qualities in appreciating words in front of your partner.

It will add more love and so much joy to this memorable occasion. Here we have shared amazing quotes about the Silver Wedding anniversary. It will help you a lot to find the best words.

It will greatly reflect your feelings and love for your partner in words. You can share these wishes through Whatsapp, Pinterest, and emo, etc. You can post these messages on his/her Facebook timeline.

Or tweet it on Twitter account for wishing partner. These wishing messages can be shared free of cost so you can send them easily.

Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary

AS the 25th anniversary is a silver anniversary so it also demands a lovely gift in silver as it’s the tradition in many countries. It shows your affection and cares for the couple who get this lovely chance to celebrate their silver anniversary.

Your cute quotes with your greeting card rose or any gift makes it more valuable. Nowadays there are few couples who get a chance to complete twenty-five years of being married to each other. The people who get the chance to celebrate the silver anniversary are lucky enough to grow old together.

It’s a great blessing to passing 25 years of married life together. It’s a beautiful milestone for them. Think of it, for you, it’s also an amazing time to congratulate a couple for their Silver wedding anniversary. For a couple, there are lots of love, care, happiness, sadness, and sacrifices through these 25 years.

Happy Silver Anniversary

When anyone from our near and dear opportunity to celebrate the silver anniversary of their marriage. We should not miss the chance to show our love with a happy wish and greeting. Here in this post, we have shared Happy 25th Anniversary Wishes, messages, and greetings to share with them who are going to celebrate silver jubilee.

Our collection of Wishes For Silver Wedding Anniversary is for everyone. With these quotes, you can easily wish any couple for Silver Jubilee Anniversary.

It is for your parents, your partner, Boss, Co-workers, acquaintances, friends, or someone in your family. Beautifully remark this occasion with loving messages, cute wishes, speeches, and gifts according to time.

I wish the couple on social media by posting romantic stuff or funny quotes. Let’s visit it thoroughly to get the best 25th-anniversary message to wish this kind of happy couple.

25th Anniversary Wishes

I wish you all the best as you mark this remarkable landmark in your union.

Wow, you two have been in this journey together for 25 solid years! I rejoice with you and wish you many more happy anniversaries.

It hasn’t been all rosy, but you conquered all obstacles and fears, and have made it to the 25th year of your union! Accept my hearty and resounding 25 cheers!

Congratulations on proving that Fairy-Tales do exist! Best wishes for the years that lie ahead of you.

silver jubilee wishes-min

You have, indeed, unraveled the mystery; the mystery of the sought after treasure of love. Happy Silver Jubilee!

You guys are not twenty five years older in terms of marriage but you are twenty five years, stronger, happier and prosperous and this is something worth all the hardships that you had to go through.

Our children, our pride, our joy…you’ve shown the younger generation that husbands and wives are meant to be together for a life time! We are indeed proud of you as you mark your silver jubilee anniversary today.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The joy of parents is to see their children succeed in every sphere of life. Thank you for making us proud.

Congratulations! Your marriage has sure come a long way! And I hope there’s even more to come. Happy 25 years of love, happiness and magic.

After spending twenty five years of marriage with each other it will not be wrong to say that you guys are now qualified for enrolling as professors for the subject that we otherwise known as ‘being married.’

There is nothing more dreamlike than seeing a couple like you; 25 years of love, 25 years of affection and 25 years of care.

silver jubilee wishes

May you two grow even older together and find beauty in the wrinkles of one another. Happy 25th anniversary!

May your love continue to blossom like it has for the past 25 years. Happy silver jubilee.

On your silver jubilee today, let loose, fall in love again like you did when you were crazy teenagers! Happy wedding anniversary!

Hat’s off to you both, for not getting tired of seeing each others faces for twenty five long years of your lives. Happy anniversary.

May God bless you two with even better times to come. Happy marriage anniversary!

It takes a second to fall in love but a lifetime to prove its worth. Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee!

25th Anniversary Quotes

Some days have great importance for the person to make life memorable. The 25th anniversary is one of those special moments that a person does not want to forget in his whole life. The reason behind it is that the partners have successfully spent 25 years of their life with happy feelings.

Anniversary is the day on which a person reminds the beautiful moments on which he and his partner come forward to spend a single life. The life in which they have to struggle with each other to extract the best moments of their lives with happy feelings.

Happy 25th Anniversary

In this way, the anniversary has huge importance for the person. But the 25th anniversary has various names because of its popularity and importance. Due to this reason, 25th Anniversary Quotes have separate dimensions to design and represent them.

On this day, every person wants to feel happy and memorable. So, you should choose these words carefully without spoiling the moments of any person. Your selected words should not cover a huge part of the page. But it should be fewer in number but deep in meanings.

It may be difficult for you to design such quotes from your busy schedule. So, you can come here and get your desired quotes related to a specific event.

You do not have to bother with a huge collection of quotes because all of these are well-defined. You can copy any of them and paste them to your desired place without any issue.

I bet you must’ve mastered what it takes to become a good friend, a good lover and a good guardian by now. Many, many hearty congratulations to you both.

Spending 25 long years together is a remarkable achievement! Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.

If there was an award for lovers, you two would surely get it for being where you are today! Happy wedding anniversary to you lovebirds!

Congratulations on setting the wonderful example that you two have! Happy 25th wedding anniversary!

This anniversary maybe the Silver, but your love is like Gold; everlasting and priceless. You two are the ultimate epitome of true love. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

Your marriage will become an example for the people who might consider marriage a volatile thing and they will get to know that it gets better with the passage of years and nearly indestructible after twenty five years. Happy anniversary!

I pray with all my heart, for you to prosper and to last! Many, many more happy years to come! Happy wedding anniversary.

silver jubilee wishes

All couples face difficult times; only a few manage to come up smelling of roses. Congratulations, you are one of them.

You have set example for your children to follow by staying together these 25 years, regardless of the hurdles that come with marriage.

25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Thank you for showing younger couples that a marriage can last for a lifetime! Happy silver jubilee anniversary.

Everyone can make promises, but very few people can keep them forever.

Love would have a better reputation if there were more couples like you and the world would be a better place if there were more parents like you. Happy 25th anniversary.

silver jubilee wishes

Even a bespoke vintage wine can’t match the beautiful texture and sweet flavor of your twenty five year long marriage. Congratulations for your 25th wedding anniversary.

Love has little meaning, if it fades away. Congratulations for nurturing yours, till this very day. Happy anniversary.

Your twenty five year long happy marriage is proof of the fact that fatal attraction is not fatal after all. Happy 25th anniversary.

Today is the day to be romantic, today is the day to be nostalgic, today is the day to be ecstatic, for 25 years of your marriage… that have been so fantastic. Happy anniversary.

A diary log of every single day of your lives together as a couple and a family should be archived so that future generations can learn the real meaning of true love and marital bliss. Happy 25th anniversary.

This anniversary isn’t just a milestone of one more year of being together… it is an official testimony that your love is truly forever. Happy 25th.

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