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Monday, September 13, 2021

39 Tattoo Captions for the Ink that Adorns Your Skin

Millions of men and women willingly get stuck with a needle in order to create something beautiful on their skin. A tradition that started in Ancient Egypt has become so popular that chances are, you already have or about to have one. If you’re the one sitting in the chair, you will want to show off that amazing work of art for sure!

Take a clear picture of your new tattoo and don’t hesitate to post it online for others to see. You won’t want to post it without a caption, but it isn’t always as easy as you would think to come up with the right one. When you can’t wait to post your new tattoo, let us help with the captions. Check out the best Instagram captions you can use for your latest artwork.

New Tattoo Instagram Captions

When you’re at the tattoo shop and getting a new tattoo, you’ll want to show it off with the following captions!

  • I’m ready for a change, starting with a brand new tattoo!
  • I’m loving my new tattoo-it’s as bright and fresh as this beautiful day!
  • I’m ready for the inking of a lifetime!
  • Tattoos are a decoration that last a lifetime and a decision that changes your viewpoint forever.
  • Getting a tattoo is an amazing thing. It hurts a lot sometimes, but it creates something beautiful in the end.
  • A tattoo is a lot like living. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it bleeds, but in the end, it is a gorgeous experience!
  • There is nothing better than the feeling of a brand new tattoo on a piece of unmarked skin.
  • Who’s ready to book another appointment with me for my next tattoo?
  • The tattoo needle is the only one we should be addicted to. I know I am!
  • Every day is a good day to get a new tattoo!
Funny tattoo Instagram caption.

Keep calm and tattoo on!

New tattoo caption for your photo posts.

Every day is a good day to get a new tattoo!

  • It’s a brand new day, so I figured I should get a brand new tattoo!
  • There is nothing more pleasurable than a needle in your skin. As long as it is giving you an amazing new tattoo.
  • Take my word for it- a new tattoo is going to make your day so much better!
  • When life throws some extra cash at you, invest it in a brand new tattoo.

First Tattoo Instagram Captions

Getting your first tattoo is the experience of a lifetime, so take plenty of pictures and choose a caption that fits!

  • I never realized what an amazing experience it is to sit still and let someone poke you with a needle. I’m addicted for sure.
  • I’m pretty sure I am in love with my first, but not last, set of ink!
  • I finally gathered the courage and found myself at the mercy of the needle. What do you think?
  • Every tattoo tells a story, and I am starting my first chapter today.
  • Finally taking the plunge and starting my lifelong relationship with needles and ink. Here we go!
  • I’m in absolute awe of how amazingly perfect my first tattoo came out!
New tattoo caption for your photo posts.

I’m ready for the inking of a lifetime!

  • The pain of a first tattoo is synonymous with the pain of life. You have to deal with pain first to get back something meaningful and beautiful.
  • I now see why people say that tattoos are addictive. What an amazing experience to go through!
  • We only have one body, so why not decorate it as we see fit?
  • My body, my choice, my tattoos. If you don’t like it, I don’t really care.
  • My body is a blank page, and today I am starting to fill it with the art that matters the most to me.

Funny Tattoo Instagram Captions

If you are ready to show off your new tattoo with a funny caption, we have you covered!

  • I told you I wouldn’t cry when I got my new tattoo! Well, maybe a little.
  • Keep calm and tattoo on!
  • My favorite place in the world is in this chair right here!
  • Who would have thought ink would make a person so happy?
  • Every bad decision makes for a good story later on!
  • Please tell me they didn’t misspell any words!
  • My body is the canvas, and the tattooist is the crazy artist.
  • Who let me make decisions for myself?
  • I may have made a decision I will regret later, but you only live once!
  • When life gets you down, head to the tattoo shop.
  • My tattoos are the only thing in life that hasn’t let me down yet!
  • Tattoos are the ultimate relationship- they hurt like hell at first, but you would do anything to get another one!
  • When life gives you lemons, through them out and get a tattoo instead!

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