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Sunday, September 5, 2021

40 Wishes for a Loss

Sometimes it is in life to talk about joys, weddings, births, anniversaries and celebrations, but there are also difficult circumstances, such as that of human loss. It is perhaps the most difficult and embarrassing thing to deal with: a relative or friend mourning the loss of a loved one. Whether you knew the deceased or not, you will need to express your condolences to his environment with respect and discretion. As impossible as it may seem, the truth is that there are always the right words to say or write.

See below some of our suggestions and let your emotion guide you. In these moments, it is the best help to let your truth be expressed.

Warm condolences for your loss

Many times, a death is expected and other times, it seems the most unjust. Whatever the case may be, a few words of love will help everyone go one step further. Mourning, after all, has several stages until it softens.

  • Warm condolences to the whole family from all of us. He was a rare man that we all loved very much.
  • The only consolation is that he left full of days. Remember him with love.
  • Let the soil that will cover him be light and the embrace that will receive him be hospitable. We are all shocked.
  • I send you our warmest condolences, with a big hug. To live, to remember him.
  • Full of days and full of projects, with such a beloved family, with so many joys in life. We only got angry once; now that he’s gone. Condolences from my heart.
  • He left so suddenly that I have not yet realized it. For whatever you need, I am by your side. I am sure that he will become an angel who will protect us and will always look at us with love.
  • This loss may be the only bitterness you will remember from her. We will remember her with a lot of love and nostalgia. The moments with her were unique.
  • Such a special person, such a rare personality. There will be no more such mind and spirit. Condolences to the whole family.
  • At such times, friends are here for a big hug. I set aside everything to be by your side in whatever you need. Warm and sincere condolences.
  • I can not stop crying. How unfair and sudden. You have the wishes of all of us for the rest of her soul.

Condolences from my heart.



Condolences for your father

Millions of texts have been written and will be written about our relationship with our father. Difficult, aggressive, pleasurable, creative or healthy, this relationship passes into the realm of the past when he leaves life. A few words of support are all that is really needed by someone who is losing his parent.

  • Beloved, your father will be proud because you too are a great father. I wish you to see grandchildren, like him, and to receive as much love as he does.
  • Warm and sincere condolences for the loss of your dad. I admired him for everything but above all because he raised you with principles! Be good to remember him…
  • Condolences to your father, friend. Doom is never common but know that we are here to always listen to you and support you in everything.
  • When his health deteriorated, I thought of you and your sister. Always be loved and cared for to manage heavy mourning a little easier. I send you love and support.
  • When the father leaves, one of our pillars in life leaves. We are all by your side and your mother to alleviate your grief.
  • He was the most benevolent, we will remember him with love and admiration. May we look like him even a little… Condolences.
  • I am very sorry for the loss of your father. I hope time will ease your pain.
Heartfelt condolences.

Heartfelt condolences.


I send you our warmest condolences. To live, to remember him.


Remember him with love.

Condolences for your mother

Mom, mom, manola. Yes, even in her loss, all the humiliation, everything that gives her the unique role she plays in our lives, sounds sweet… It is, perhaps, the most difficult physical loss for a human being. The womb that brought him into the world is lost from the earthly and goes to the unknown. Only sympathy and love can help her children…

  • How much we all adored her, my girlfriend. Your mom is so beautiful, so special. He will be an angel watching over us from now on.
  • Condolences, my friends. Your mom was great. You have all our love and support.
  • Warm and sincere condolences to the woman you were lucky enough to have as a mom. Be strong and always remember her with a smile. We are sure he would like that.
  • I know it seems impossible but we should be relieved that he left full of days and experiences. The most important thing is that he left full of love…
  • The mother is not replaced, she is not forgotten, she never dies της Her love is eternal and will always accompany you. Her memory will be eternal.
  • Immortal and forever special your manoula, my friends. I am here for anything you need and above all for anything you want to share…
  • Let our tears water the soil that will cover it, light and redemptive. Live to remember her…
  • Accept with all due respect our sincere condolences for the loss of your mother. Your pain can be cured, soon.

Condolence. Be strong to remember her.

Condolences to your grandmother

In our country, grandmothers fulfill the term “second mother” more than anywhere else. The grandmother is the embrace that faithfully replaces that of the mother. Our grandmother grows up, spoils us, offers us warmth. When she leaves, our childhood leaves with her.

Find the right words to support someone who loses their grandmother…

  • What I remember from your grandmother is what makes our childhood magical. So much love, so much care, only she could show. Condolences, always remember her.
  • We are very saddened by the news of your grandmother χα μού… We send you a lot of love and our condolences. I wish we could save some more time with her…
  • The least I can say is how sorry I am. She was very proud of her grandchildren and we have to admit that she did everything possible to become the fantastic people you are της Her memory is eternal…
  • We will light a candle for her, her candle, we will leave a flower in the memory. But above all we will drink a wine in her memory, in honor of our meetings…
  • Warm condolences to your grandmother… Be strong to remember her.
  • Grandparents are like second parents. I can understand the sadness, I can feel the pain μαι I am with you.
  • I feel your pain and your grief, I hope you can stand the passing of time, hardly without her.
  • Condolences… what else to say? She was a special woman, a role model. A woman I will always remember.

Condolences for your dog

Our pets are a family, everyone knows that. Those who have lost their most loyal friend, their dog, know how difficult it is to manage his loss. Whether you expect it due to age or after an illness, their memory always gives you strong emotions…

  • The most loyal dog, the sweetest mullet… We will always remember him on the stairs, looking at our hands for a snack…
  • I know how difficult it is, I know how painful… I wish you could only remember him with laughter and lively tails…
  • Every now and then, we will talk about his scandals and we will laugh… I have been crying since I found out. I think of you all, with love…
  • What a pity, our dog, our dear friend… I wish we could catch another walk with him!
  • Condolences to your family… We will always miss a member…
Condolences for a dog.

Nice trip.

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