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Saturday, September 4, 2021

48 Back to School Captions for the New Academic Year

No one ever wants this time to come, but it has – summer is over and kids are going back to school. The new year means a new start, and what better way to remember it than with back-to-school pictures? With new classes, new teachers, and new friends to look forward to, we all want to commemorate every moment that we can with picture after picture. It doesn’t matter whether you will be in a physical class or a virtual one- school pictures are an important part of the deal no matter what.

When you’ve taken the best picture ever and can’t wait to show it to the world, you’ll want the perfect caption to go with it. We’ve done the hard work for you! Check out the following captions you can grab up when you need the perfect phrase to go with that perfect picture.

Back to School Instagram Captions

When you want to show off your back-to-school pics, make it stand out even more with the following captions!

  • We’re here and ready to make the most of the school year!
  • Back to the grind once again!
  • How did the summer fly by so fast!
  • Back-to-school means more when you’re with great friends!
  • How did the first day of school get here so quickly?
  • So much for my summer vacation!
  • Today’s the day- work hard and dream harder if you want success to come your way!
  • Don’t worry, summer vacation is only 9 months away!
Back to school caption for your photo posts.

This year is going to be my year to shine.

  • I’m back-to-school and ready to go!
  • This year is going to be my year to shine.
  • Grabbing this year by the horns and making it the very best!
  • Never underestimate your ability to succeed.
  • I can’t wait to see what the year brings for me!
  • It’s go time! Let’s take advantage of every wonderful minute we have here!
  • Carpe diem! I’m ready to seize the day and make it the best one possible.
  • Back-to-school with this bunch of amazing friends-it’s going to be the best year ever!

Funny Back to School Captions

Back-to-school time is the perfect time to enjoy a joke, so check out the following captions for your pictures on us!

  • I wouldn’t mind school so much if I didn’t have to actually go to class.
  • I’m ready for the school year, but is the school year ready for me?
  • Hello teachers! It’s me again!
  • Back-to-school? More like back-to-prison, am I right?
  • What time is lunch again?
Funny back to school caption for Instagram posts.

Hello teachers! It’s me again!

  • Ready to take on the world; well, teachers and students first, I guess!
  • RIP to my awesome summer vacation.
  • Can I add a nap period to my schedule?
  • I blinked and the summer just flew by!
  • I’m just here to have some fun before I have to go out into the real world!
  • What’s the point of all this again?
  • Isn’t there a song lyric that says school’s out forever? What happened to that?
  • Who’s ready to party in study hall?
  • With this goofy group of friends, this school year will be a blast!
  • This school thing is really getting in the way of my social life.
  • I’ll be ready to quit by the time lunch rolls around- who is with me?

Back to School Captions for Parents

Whether you can’t wait to send your kid to school or are sad they are going, memorialize the day with the best back-to-school captions!

  • Who’s ready to party at my house?
  • Time for some well-deserved downtime!
  • If anyone needs me, I’ll be taking a five-hour nap while the kids are in school!
  • Can’t believe the day is here!
Back to school caption for your photo posts.

Can’t believe the day is here!

  • How can one day be so happy and sad at the same time?
  • My wonderful kids on their very first day back-to-school- I love them all so much!
  • We had a wonderful summer, but I’m glad that school is back in session!
  • Here’s to waking up early for school for the next 180 days!
  • I’m going to miss these first days when they graduate high school!
  • It may be first day blues for them, but it’s definitely first day relaxation for me!
  • It’s been a fun and amazing summer, but the first day-of-school couldn’t get here soon enough!
  • Here’s to an amazing school year for everyone- I hope it goes as well as can be!
  • New school clothes, new school supplies, new teachers- back-to-school time comes with a lot of new things!
  • Hip-hip-hooray! School starts today!
  • I’m going to miss this kid during the day, but happy back-to-school for everyone!
  • It’s a bittersweet day for sure- the first day back-to-school usually is!

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