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Friday, September 10, 2021

Happy Fathers Day Wishes, Messages, Status, Shayari in Hindi 2021

First of all thanks for visiting and I like to wish you a very happy fathers day 2021 to your and caring dad. If you are searching for fathers day wishes, messages or shayari in hindi language then I must say your research completed here. Fathers day is celebrated in the month of June every year, this year fathers day is on 20 June 2021. On this occasion you can send fathers day wishes in hindi to your caring papa. Don’t think to much select your best like and wish your papa now.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes, Messages, Status in Hindi 2021

Scroll now for latest 2021 fathers day messages in hindi. Also note all links on this fathers day 2021 are free to copy and share on platforms include facebook, whatsapp, instagram and on any platform.

1. The destination is far away and the journey is a lot, there is a lot of worry about a small life, when this world kills us, but there is a lot of effect in the love of “Papa”. ..♡♥❣

2. At that time every wish of a father is fulfilled, when his daughter comes from her in-laws’ house with a smile. ..♡♥❣

3. Happy Father’s Day my dear dear Papa, if I have in my heart, Papa, Papa would bear everything for my little happiness. ..♡♥❣

4. The biggest wish of every daughter is that her father keeps smiling..♥❣

5. In this where you are the only person who has always trusted me on all my decisions, at every step, you are the best father in the world…♡♥❣

6. Father always smiled after losing, I could understand that chess victory now. ..♡♥❣

7. With love in the lap, they become the reason for every happiness. Happy Father’s Day..♡♥❣

8. The fun of living life was from the coins asked from you, Papa, even our needs are not fulfilled by our earnings Miss you papa ..♡♥❣

9. Father is also respected like mother. Happy Father’s Day..♡♥❣

10. My fame is because of my father. Happy Father’s Day..♡♥❣Fathers Day Wishes in hindi

11. Unnecessarily, he is our pride in this world, ‘father’ is the first identity of a person’s existence. ..♡♥❣

12. Patience is like the earth and height is like the sky, God has made this picture out of compassion for life. ?

13. If not, then we cry stubbornly, there is a lot of wishes, if there is a father, then the heart of the children is always a lion. ..♡♥❣

14. Even today my request does not diminish, even in the face of scarcity, Papa’s eyes are never moist..♡♥❣

15. Those who are lucky have the father’s hand on their head, the stubbornness is fulfilled, everyone is with the father..♡♥❣

16. Papa you are my pride, which no one can ever break ..♡♥❣

17. You fight for me even with luck, no sorrow can come to me, no sun can make me wither, walk as my shadow, my father. ..♡♥❣

18. Dreams were mine but the way to fulfill them, someone else was being shown and that was my father, I love you papa. ..♡♥❣

19. I have a request from my Lord, a small rent is a recommendation, stay happy my father for the rest of my life… that is my only wish. ..♡♥❣

20. Kept me in the shade, burning myself in the sun, I have seen such an angel in the form of my father. ..♡♥❣Fathers Day Messages in hindi

21. Recognized even in a crowd of thousands, Papa knows everything without saying anything!! ..♡♥❣

22. It is also the rule of the society, such a father should always be serious, the feelings are hidden in the mind, lakhs of eyes should not be blown away! Do talk dry and dry, say, just say, ‘Here is love in the heart, like a mother, but a different picture should be there! Happy Father’s Day Papa ..♡♥❣

23. Thousands of people are found to meet, but the “parents” who forgive thousands of mistakes do not meet again..♡♥❣

24. My father’s hand is the most in my upbringing, that’s why till today my childhood is still alive in me! ..♡♥❣

25. Father is that precious relation, in whose anger there is love, there is affection in scolding. ..♡♥❣

26. Even the richest person in the world is poor without parents. ..♡♥❣

27. Papa is the name of love, thousands of salutes to papa, do love life, come who do the work of children…Happy Father’s Day Daddy ..♡♥❣

28. The smile on my lips is because of my father, the happiness in my eyes is because of my father, my father is no less than a god, because all the happiness in my life is because of my father. ..♡♥❣Fathers Day Shayari in hindi

Fathers Day Shayari in Hindi

Maan ki baat jaan le jo, Aankhon se parh le jo,
Dard ho chahe khushi, Aansoo ki pechan kerle jo
Wo hasti jo bepanna pyaar kare,
Papa hi to hai wo jo bacho ke liye jiye…!!!
Happy Father’s Day

sari zindgi papa ke naam karta hon,
Main khud ko papa ka ghulam karta hon
Jinho ne ki zindgi aulad pe nisar
Un papa ko salaam karta hoon.
Happy Father’s Day

Pita se aesa rishta banaaya jaaye,
Jise umar bhar nibhaaya jaaye,
Rishta rahe aesa hamaara
Udaas ho agar pita,
Toh humse bhi na muskuraya jaaye!
Happy Father’s Day

Hoto per naam aate hi yadein taza ho jathi hai papa
Yaad taza hote hee aankhein chalak jathi hain papa
Guzre dino ki tasveer saaf nazar aati hain………….
Sab hote huwe bhi aapki kami nazar aathi hai papa!
Happy Father’s Day

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