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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Top 7 Ways to Ensure You Have a Productive Day at Work

Unfortunately, having a productive day at work does not revolve around just showing up. And our guess is, since you are reading this article, you’ve done your fair share of research on productivity already. As such, we’re going to cut to the chase and give you what you came for.

Now, before we get started, know this; there are a lot of factors that determine your productivity during the workday. Factors ranging from things like going to bed early to, taking more breaks, to organizing the next day in advance — but rest assured, we’ll be equipping you with the ones that are most effective at improve productivity.

As such, you can count on this article giving you exactly what you’ll need to to boost your productivity daily. Sure, you’ll have to make a few small changes and form some new habits. But the end result will be worth it!

So, without further ado here are the most effective tips that you can start using today to ensure you have a productive workday. Let’s get started!

7 Best Ways to Ensure You Have a Productive Day at Work

Best Ways to Have a Productive Day at Work

1. Go To Bed Early To Sleep Well

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health found out that more than fifty million adults in America suffer from sleep disorders and problems. And this can harm their safety, health, alertness, and productivity at work. Left untreated, sleep disorders have been linked to weight gain, hypertension, depression, hormonal imbalances, heart diseases, and other serious chronic infections. Apart from these health problems, poor quality of sleep can affect productivity and prevent you from working on your most important activities.

Research studies conducted by Rand Europe and Cambridge University found that those who sleep for less than seven hours tend to be less productive than those who get seven to eight hours of sleep. While this data has been around for a few years, most people haven’t accepted it. With busy schedules, it’s quite difficult to find extra time to sleep.

When you think about it logically, it’s better to get hours of uninterrupted sleep and increase your productivity than getting four hours of sleep and reducing your capabilities by 50 percent. Some organizations have already introduced napping policies to help their workers improve their productivity and performance. So, when it comes to productivity, always focus on the outcome and not the number of hours that you put in.

If you are having difficulty sleeping well at night, there are a few tips that you can use to solve this problem. First, go to bed early. Take note of the time you start getting sleepy and form the habit of going to bed at that time. Don’t force yourself to stay up working or watching your favorite show. The first few days will be difficult especially if you are a night owl. But by making gradual changes, you’ll achieve all your goals.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you start waking up before time instead of rushing to the workplace every morning. You’ll have enough time to read, exercise, and prepare a healthy breakfast. In short, you’ll have a peaceful and productive day at work.

2. Your Diet

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Do you believe in it? The food you eat has a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life. You can’t expect to consume junk food and be as productive as after eating fresh fruits and vegetables. We all love different types of food. And most of them play a critical role in growth and development.

You can boost your productivity by starting your day with a nutritious breakfast. As the popular saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, you should avoid skipping it. This meal determines how productive you’ll be during the day. If you want to boost your energy, avoid that cup of coffee and go for a glass of smoothie or lemon water. Have your drink and follow it up with a nutritious breakfast comprised of oatmeal, or hummus, and veggies.

You should also avoid heavy lunches. A heavy lunch will reduce your level of productivity because your body will direct huge amounts of energy to the digestive system. Always eat something light for lunch such as a plate of salad or steamed veggies. If you choose to have something heavy, go for a smaller plate.

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3. Take Breaks Regularly

If your job requires you to sit in front of a computer the entire day, you must take regular breaks to stretch and refresh your mind. Human beings are meant to stay active just like other creatures. Going against the law of nature has serious consequences on our bodies and minds.

Small Breaks for a More Productive Work Day

A sedentary life has been linked to digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease, eye strain, and back pain. Even if you exercise every day, you need to take regular breaks and stay active all day long.

After working for an hour, you need to take a ten-minute break. By forming this habit, you’ll come back feeling fresh and energetic, ready to tackle the next task. During your break, you can drink a glass of water, socialize with friends, refresh your social media or watch your favorite videos on YouTube. However, don’t get caught up in these activities and forget your tasks.

4. Exercise Regularly

Most people think that exercise is not important to them. However, exercise plays a huge role in preventing chronic diseases and promoting health and wellbeing. Yet, it’s the one thing that we keep postponing every day. Apart from promoting health, exercise boosts productivity. Exercise increases blood flow to all parts of the body. And this automatically improves your focus. After working out, you’ll work on your tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.

While you might argue that you don’t have enough energy to exercise in the morning or after a long day at work, exercising will boost your energy levels and make you feel alive. You might not experience these benefits when you start but after a few weeks, you’ll be eager to go for a morning run with your dog.

You don’t have to exercise as if you are preparing for a marathon. Start slowly by going for a short walk or doing some yoga. You’ll gradually build momentum and start enjoying the fruits of your labor as time passes by. A research study conducted by the researchers at the University of Georgia found out that people who suffer from fatigue increased their energy levels by 20 percent after performing low to moderate intensity exercises.

In a few weeks, the group reported a drop in feelings of fatigue by 65 percent. If you don’t like going to the gym, you don’t have to force yourself. All you need to do is find an activity that you are passionate about and stick with it. You’ll have an easy time motivating yourself if it’s something that you love.

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5. Start Prioritizing

At work or home, every task or activity is important. So, how can you prioritize? With lots of things to do, the majority of people get stressed and overwhelmed. Learning to analyze tasks and spot the most important ones is essential. You have to differentiate between important and urgent tasks. And always start with the most important ones. If you focus on everything that seems urgent, the most important tasks will never get done. Instead of working on any activity that comes to mind, consider creating a to-do list and prioritizing it.

Write down all the activities or tasks that need to get done. The best time to create a to-do list is the night before. If this isn’t possible, do it the moment you get up. Next, organize your list in order of priority. And then start working on your first task. Don’t move to the second task until the first one is complete. You’ll never have enough time to do everything but you’ll always have time to do the most important things.

To save time and energy, you need to delegate some tasks. Even if you are a junior employee, you can hire remote workers to do the work for you. To succeed in any endeavor, you need to cooperate with others.

Another great way to boost your productivity is by using the Pareto Principle. As you are going to see after creating a to-do list, 20 percent of the tasks or activities will be important and 80 percent will be less important. Therefore, you should:

  • Complete the most important tasks first: They tend to be the hardest. However, completing them before the deadlines successfully will pay off in spades. Delegate other small tasks or leave them for later. But always ensure that you complete them.
  • Focus on your goals: Some people sacrifice their big goals for the smaller ones because they think the bigger ones are difficult to achieve. By doing this, you’ll never have the time or energy to pursue your most important goals. Therefore, always think about your goals and the things that you can do to achieve them easily.

6. Organize Your Work Environment

The best and easiest way to boost your productivity at work is by organizing your work environment. Clutter can distract you and lower your rate of productivity. You should do your best to avoid chaos and disorder in the workplace.

By taking a few minutes to organize your desk, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and energy during the workday. If you are having a hard time organizing your environment, try online tools like Evernote and Pocket.

7. Supercharge Your Productivity With Goals

If you really want to supercharge your productivity, this step shouldn’t be overlooked. This final tip has to do with your mindset. As such, you’ll want to ensure you prime your mind for success every day before work, by focusing on what goals your work is helping you achieve.

Set Goals for Productive Day at Work

When you clearly have a reason for your daily efforts at work (beyond just paying the bills), and when you tie those efforts to how quickly you can achieve something (like a promotion, or the bonus that’s gonna help you buy that new car) everything you do will be laser-focused.

And believe it or not, this renewed focused will help you move with a pep-in-your-step. Everything you do will be backed by purpose. As such, your productivity will sky-rocket.

So, get clear about how your work is going to help you achieve your next goal. It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal is, so long as it is a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Do this, and you will without a doubt ensure everyday going forward is a productive day at work.


Boosting your productivity and performance doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and energy to change our habits and our mindset.

The great news is, you can make significant gains just by taking a few baby steps to slowly start replacing any bad habits you may still be harboring. Bad habits like eating junk food, staying up late, or working for hours without taking a break. And when you do, any concerns you may have had about how to have a productive day at work will surely become a thing of the past.

So, follow start following the steps above and make every day at work a productive day.

Till next time,


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