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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Attitude Status In Hindi ! 2020 ! Amazing Top 10 Status

Top 10 Attitude Status In Hindi

Here Is Top 10 Attitude Status Hindi Me….Agar Aapko Ye Pasand Aayein To Aap Inko Share Karna Na Bhoolein….Share Karein Hamare Post Ko Fb – Whatsapp Jahaan Apka Dil Kare. Agar Aise Hi Aur Amazing Status Dekhna Chahte Hain To Yahaan Click Karein….

If we want to understand, then understand it from the heart – if you put your mind – you will hang.

Don’t talk about collision – the day you face it – celebrities will be wiped out.

Make us jealous, what wonders do you do too – your gatherings – your friends – and you talk about us.

STATUS WHAT TO WRITE – If God pleases, then one day we will write history.

When someone starts hating you – understand that he cannot compete with you.

Attitude Status In Hindi

If I have the guts to listen, then let me tell you one thing – what is my attitude, let me tell you – stop attacking like a jackal – do it from the front – let me tell you your position.

Just keep this way of living – ignore those who don’t understand you.

Listen, you were not my habit, and listen to this too – and now I have changed my bad habits.

My name is enough for panic – otherwise the watchman also keeps the weapon.

Listen, they do evil to us with all their heart – because only those who do evil do evil – those who are not able to match.

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