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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Cute Lines for Girlfriend in Hindi

make your girlfriend happy Keep is the key to a successful relationship. Read on and know how you can keep your girlfriend happy. be loyal to him Basic and important rules Is. You won’t mind flirting occasionally but it can lead to bigger problems. In the romantic context it usually refers to a committed relationship where the individuals are not married. Other titles for example “wife” or “partner” usually indicate that the persons are legally married or otherwise consummated.

A girlfriend can also be called dear, dear, babe or honey. Girlfriend is the latest version of Woman’s Creature. To recharge them, gifts have to be given from time to time, well this is a laughing matter. Let us know how to say cute and happy lines to your girlfriend so that your girlfriend can impress you. Share with your girlfriend the best cute lines of our post in Hindi. Share on Facebook, Status, Instagram and Whatsapp with your special friends and girlfriend

Cute Lines Status for Whatsapp Facebook in Hindi For Special One

Cute Lines For Girlfriend in Hindi

Best Lines to Impress a Girlfriend

You laugh to make us laugh,…

Even after you are upset, I still love

Today you seem to be rude,…

We cry because you know how to celebrate,…

If I have done something wrong, then punish me,…

Tumhari taarif nahi karna mujhe
nahi to bhaaw khane lagogi

Somebody is very sad because of your departure,

Someone has told the truth!!
It is not necessary that when two people love, they should be together!
They both live in each other’s heart too.

Now we will be called leaving you!
A night doesn’t pass without you, what will the whole life pass !!

The emotion of the whole world is on one side!
That first meeting with you on one side !!
Even today we remember that first meeting !!

how can someone be so cute
God only

Always remember this thing to give time to your relationship!
Time has seen the Taj Mahal, not Mumtaz!!

How deep is your eyes, I just want to be immersed ||

Sari world is sacrificed on your one smile

Whatever you see, it seems to work

Tumne hamesha kaha ki pyar nahi karti
fir kyu itna parwaah karti ho meri..

You are far away but still close to my heart, you are with me every moment

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Your innocence should not be noticed by anyone.

will love forever,
Just don’t go far, I will pray to the Lord.

Kitna pyar hai kaise batau tumhe
bas pyar hai aur bohot pyar hai.

just happy to be with me
I will achieve success in the world
Those who go away from us will die in a moment.

Tasvir rakhta hu tumhari
khud ko hausla dene ke liye

sit together and find peace
Raise your eyelids and you will get heaven

We didn’t have you
Loved with your sweet heart

how sweet is your heart
Just want to stay in front of me ||

Pyar se do pal baat kar liya kro
sukoon mil jaata hai
is aabaadi wali duniyaa se jab
mann thak jaata hai

I caught sight of your innocence
That’s why so much mind has started running now.

I can leave but
can’t leave him
that side got me wrong
It’s like a habit

Give way to the beats too, dear
You are sitting on the whole heart.

When your face is visible,
no matter what the day is,
For me it becomes a festival.

You ask from morning
If you are not sure, then from the evening,
This heart beats only in your name.

Bahut si baatein soch rakhi hain,
tumhe sunane ke liye,
par ek tum ho ki
aati hi nahi manaane ke liye

My breath has stopped since you left
come back now my darling
For some reason!!

People say that love happens once,
But every time I see her, I do.

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