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Friday, October 8, 2021

Hindi Status ! 2020 ! Best Amazing Top 10 Status Hindi

Top 10 Hindi Status

Amazing Hindi Status – You Can Read And Enjoy It – Super Cool Status Here …. If You Enjoy This So You Can Share It And More Amazing Status You Can Click Here For More Hindi Status

He who has hopes – no matter how many times he loses – but cannot lose.

A great person is considered better than the sweetness of his tongue – otherwise good things are written on the walls.

The one whom God loves the most, neither he puts the same person to the test.

These days, by saying don’t feel bad, people say the worst thing to a person.

Win the heart of your parents, you will win everything – otherwise you will lose even after winning everything in this place.

Hindi Status

Every day is a very happy day – The day you talk to your mother with a smile.

Always spend your life smiling – because no one knows how much is left.

When bitter words and pain both come to bear together – then you understand that you have come to live.

There is such a person in everyone’s life – by talking to whom the heart comes to an agreement.

The person who fights with anyone for us – then no one can love you more than that person.

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