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Friday, November 5, 2021

Sad Shayari In Hindi ! 2020 Top 10 Sad Shayari! ! ! ! !

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When feelings are yours, they are emotions – and others’ feelings are toys.

When someone’s talk becomes short with you – then understand that they are getting longer somewhere else.

What progress has this world made – even today, they are the patients of love.

There is pain in the heart but it is not realized – Heart cries when it is not near – We are ruined in his love – And he says – love never happens like this.

If someone does not want to have a relationship with you – then get away from him – because time itself will teach him to appreciate him – and you should be patient.

Sad Shayari

Those who have nothing but love to give in life – they get nothing but pain in life.

Leave your heart and ask for something from us – we do not give the gift of broken things.

The eyes laugh, but the heart weeps – the one whom we consider to be our destination – someone else is his companion.

Those who had hope, they got lonely – After today you will not say to anyone that you are mine.

You think I am crying – but I am washing my eyes.

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