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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Some Hindi bad mood dp and status messages for social media

Language should not be a barrier to expressing what you are feeling and what is on your mind. This article is here to guide you to post some Hindi bad mood dp and status messages on your WhatsApp and social media.

Hindi bad mood dp and status messages

Jab bhi Mera mood off

hota hai

Mere paas har sawaal ka

Ek hi jawab hota hai

Pata nahi.

Hindi bad mood dp

It’s a strange weather, today this mind has become very calm,

It seems that the heart has died in love.


Lost somewhere between these clouds,

I have heard that my moon has become someone else’s.


Do you ever meet us for two moments?

Do you know today we are longing, tomorrow you keep searching.


Today my heart is sad. She is more than me than heaven

special for. Eyes are crying today but she is with someone else.


He left me so much that I

Neither of and nor of his too….


I walk around with a dagger in my hand.

I want to kill luck..


I don’t know why today

Feeling like losing myself…


don’t ask just me today

Feeling like crying openly…


You brought rain in everyone’s heart

You made everyone laugh

Then why did you come as a guest for a moment?

Why did you stay away and go away?


You only come in happiness..!

Stay away now I am a little worried…


filled with myself

But what to do, death does not come….


I think I’m lost somewhere

The fear is that no one will find it.

Kitna Bhi Koshish Karlo

Khush Rehne Ki

Magar Koi Naa Koi

Kuch Keh Kar

Mood Off Kar Hi Deta Hai.


People persecute a lot in this world

Gives hope first, then leaves you alone.

In this world..


I’m getting away from myself

you are all still non


Life has become very careless without you

There was no joy in living, no sorrow in dying…!


Picking up the book of memories today, I saw

Last year these days you gave us

was blocked….!


Mood Thik Karne Ke

Liye koi Nahi Aata

Kharab Karne Ke Liye Logo

Ki Line Lag Jaati Hai.

Ye Corona Bhi Na Tere Jaisa Hai,

Jisko ho Jaye Maar He Deta Hai.


I will never leave you…

Yes ! It was something like this, his promise


At a very nice mile


Have against pe,

Matlabi yaar mila.

So friends, we really hope this article helps you write some beautiful status messages and post some great Hindi bad mood dp on your social media with ease.

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