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Monday, January 17, 2022

How to Celebrate Rakhi Online by Greetings, Text Messages, Orkut Scraps

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan (bond of protection) is an Indian cultural occasion or festival. Origin of this cultural festival is from Aryans Civilization of approximately 6000 years ago. Which is also called the Indus Valley Civilization. Celebration of Rakhi or Rakhsa Bandhan differs from place to place in India as it’s variety of different languages and cultures.

The most practiced and accepted style of celebrating Rakhi is tying a thread on brother’s or sister’s wrist by their sisters and brothers. The knot caries a wish that “May this bond protect you from all the evil” and a promise “whatever happens I will be there for you always”.

Raksha Bandhan takes place on a full-moon bengali month Shravan or Bhadra, and it’s a special day of the year when the brothers and sisters (may be they are shiblings or may have socially recognized themselves as brother or sister) have an opportunity to show the love and affection towards their sisters and brothers. Celebrating Rakhi doesn’t always mean to have your sister and brother with you on that very day. Sometimes they are far apart from you, and there is no chance you can meet with him or her on that day, may be other side of the country or other side of the world. It’s still as easy as before to celebrate Rakhi online by social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, or via text messaging into cell phone or email. Social networking sites and social communities like yahoo, rediff, indyarocks, ibibo allow you to connect with your brothers or sisters and send them messages, image scraps, e-cards, greetings, text wishes, text messages. You can send Rakhi SMS, Text messages to wish Raksha Bandhan into their cell phone and make them happy and feel more loveable. These are virtual but still you can share your feelings by these techniques and make them smile and feel appreciated.

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