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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Karmic Yoga Where You Are

Some people go around the world in order to do something known as Karmic Yoga. Karmic Yoga, like all Yoga, is a way to connect with one´s inner divine self and with God. Through Karmic Yoga one is actually working in the world in a sacred manner to be the embodiment of love, like the One that many call God, and to help uplift the whole world. Many people go far away from home to do Karmic Yoga. They feed the poor in third world countries, or they build houses there, or serve as health care practitioners where there aren´t any resources. This is very helpful for those who are poor and in need, it may also be necessary for the person to leave home in order to experience the larger world and to grow. The truth is, however, that we can all do Karmic Yoga right where we are if we can´t afford to just leave. We can do Karmic Yoga without quitting our jobs if we would like, even though we may need to, depending on the job.

Karmic Yoga is not about the job that we are doing, it is more about the way that we are doing it. There are two elements to Karmic Yoga which are similar to the elements in Hatha Yoga. One element is sacrifice, the other is renunciation. Sacrifice means sacrificing the outcome to the work that you are doing to God. It is not about hurting oneself in the name of God, it is about working in the moment, diligently as a hand of God, not as an extension of our egos or the societies corporate ego.

Renouncing is done when we let go of our right to make a lot of money, or to feel good about ourselves, or proud of ourselves for helping those “poor people.” It means letting go of the right to be angry and upset when we are frustrated. It means living in the here and now and being what we are meant to be, divine beings living in earthly bodies. It can be compared to bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth through our interactions, our gifts and our the application of our knowledge for the betterment of others who, in actuality, are only different facets of ourselves to a greater or lesser degree. One is not working for God when one does this, one is working as God through God. This is something that we can do on most jobs. Through Karmic Yoga and Sat Yoga meditation we can come to this realization by ceasing to be ego driven. Karmic Yoga and Sat Yoga helps us realize who we are as the ego dies and its remnants are transformed. Mediation, renunciation, and sacrifice help to dissolve the ego like a shell around a seed, so that what is inside, the divine spark, can transform us to do the work of Love in the world. We can do this anywhere, even on our jobs.

How is your job? Is there a way that you can kick the meaningfulness of your job to a higher level? Is there a way that you can embody love on your job through your interactions with customers, fellow workers, subordinates, or supervisors? How about your family? Can you do Karmic Yoga there? If you, can try it. You may find that you like it very much as you change from an ego driven person-helping only those who can help you one day, or helping because you feel guilty when you don´t, to a child of God, to a Mother of God. As we do Karmic Yoga we are the Mother´s of God. We are the ones who birth the beauty, the light, the hope, the love that many call God, into a dark, fearful world in order to create life. As we align ourselves with our Atman (the divine God spark within us), and with the Divinity that exists throughout and beyond all of creation that is moving, shaping and reshaping the universe, we reclaim our true identities. Our destines become clear. We know who we are and that we are where we are supposed to be, as we help open other people´s eyes so they may see the truth and know who they really are. Our world will become the experience of pure bliss as we delve into the river of bliss and compassion. We can change the world by simply being who and what we are. We are the hands of the Divine. We always have been and we shall be forever.

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