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Friday, January 14, 2022

Your Genie For Money – Your Genie Always Gives You What You Ask

What if you could rub a magic lantern, have a genie pop out and give you exactly what you wish? Imagine that. What would you ask that genie to give you? What would be your wish? Would it be plenty of money? You wouldn’t have to be worried about all this negative money news. Would it be a better job? Would it be better health? Would it be more love in your life? What’s the mechanism behind the genie?

You rub the lamp. Out comes the genie and gives you a wish or maybe several wishes.  I guess it depends on whether you’re lucky enough to have a generous genie or not. What if you didn’t have to wish for something? What if you could just have? What if you could just have what you want rather than wishing for it? Have you ever noticed? Wishing leads to more wishing and never getting? Is it because you’re holding in mind wishing rather than holding in mind having? You’re wishing it because you’re missing it.

What if YOU are the genie? What if you create everything you experience with your thoughts? What if you don’t need a magic lamp and a genie popping out of it? What if your very own mind is your genie? What if your genie, your mind, gives you exactly what you ask for? What if the wishes you’re granted are nothing more than the thoughts you feed your mind? What if all along you have had a genie and that genie has been granting your wishes just as you wish them? Maybe that’s where the saying comes from, “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.” What if the truth is, you always get it?

You always get what you tell your mind with your thoughts. You tell it you’re wealthy, you are wealthy. You tell it you have plenty of money. You have plenty of money. You tell it you have great health and you have it. You tell it your love is expanding and it is. What have you been telling your genie? You now see what to do. Tell your genie. Tell that mind of yours exactly what you want all the time and that’s exactly what you get. Practice it. Find out you have always had a genie right inside of you waiting to give you what you ask.

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