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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Adjusting to Migraine Pain

There isn’t a single day that I’m not in severe pain. Not just the regular aches and pains everyone gets, this is pain that is so severe it has put a hold on my whole life. I have chronic daily migraines and they are so bad they are debilitating and a burden on me, my family and friends.

They never go away. They give me insomnia where I may not sleep for three to five days. There is nothing that takes it away totally. There is always pain in my head. I can’t see anymore, most of the time I can’t read or drive. I’m always in the doctors office but they can only do so much. I’m not responding to the regular medications most people take. Pain medication don’t even help, they have tried me on so many medications and nothing has worked.

I ended up going to a headache center in Chicago. The first time I was there I had to stay for two weeks. Seemed they had gotten the migraines under control for a little while, then a month later I had to go back for two and a half weeks. Then the insurance company decided I had been there long enough and refused to pay anymore. When I got home they just kept getting worse and worse.

The following month I ended up back in the hospital again for 3 weeks. We think they found a combination that is finally working. I’m taking 100mgs of Benadryl twice a day with Toradol and Compozine. Yes, that’s 100mgs of Benadryl and it doesn’t make me sleepy anymore.

The worst thing about all of this is I’m in the bed all the time. I’m missing out on so much with my family. I missed almost all of my daughter’s volleyball games and I hate that. I go to my son’s school only when I have no choice like meetings and things like that.

I used to have a life. I used to volunteer at school, substitute and was always the mom they could call for anything but not anymore. They know they can’t depend on me.

Migraines can be a nightmare. There isn’t a thing I can do about it. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. The only good ting about this all is that I know god is using this as a teaching moment but he hasn’t revealed it yet. I’m confident that he is going to use it. We will see sooner or later. I just hope its soon.

I feel so guilty because when people used to say they had to go to bed if they had a migraine. I thought, yeah right. Well I have a different opinion now. I don’t judge when someone says they have a migraine. They are real, the are painful and you just can’t function when you have one. My hope is that they will find a cure for it soon. Some of the medication they have tried me on has caused an allergic reaction. Sad part is those seemed to be working.

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