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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Dr. Mary’s Monkey – The Truth About Cancer

You may not be able to change things much, but you will not be able to change anything at all, unless you know the facts behind the influences in your life, and the lives of your children. Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey, by Edward T. Haslam.

Prior to 1955 the disease called Polio was a curse on the world, crippling and killing many people, mostly children. After 1955 a workable vaccine was developed, and children were vaccinated against this terrible disease at an early age.

Unfortunately, this polio vaccine was initially grown on the kidneys of monkeys, and it was not until a few years after the polio vaccine was invented that the first cancer-causing monkey virus was detected; to the horror of all involved it soon became evident that there were multiple cancer-causing monkey viruses tainting the new polio vaccines. This caused the medical establishment to begin looking for cancer cures right away, which were going to be needed once the recipients of the polio vaccines came of age. Richard Nixon declared war on cancer and huge funds were made available to combat what was expected to be a future cancer epidemic.

During this time several of the new polio vaccines were removed from the market because of tainting with cancer-causing monkey viruses, though very little mention was made of the problem in the media. Albert Sabin, developer of the first working polio vaccine, was quoted thus, concerning the tainted vaccines and the need to keep it mum:

“…Theres too much scaring the public unnecessarily. Oh your children were injected with a cancer virus and all that. Thats not very good!”

Regardless of what was said at the time though, the cancer epidemic that was perceived and expected way back when has now become a reality. The figures of cancer increases in the last 50+ years bear all this out, which means that 50 years after this virally tainted vaccine was used, soft tissue cancers are indeed epidemic, with over one million (And counting!) new cases reported each year. Consider the fact that prior to 1955, or earlier, many of these cancers were virtually UNKNOWN, and one begins to see some truth, however disconcerting.

Even more unfortunate than all that bad news is this: once the cancer causing monkey viruses were discovered via the polio vaccine, they then became objects of study by weapons makers, not least of who were involved in a vendetta against the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Great efforts were made by many people in the government and the medical industry in New Orleans, Louisiana, to mutate these cancer causing monkey viruses with radiation, so that they could be used as a weapon against Castro. Their efforts paid off big and fast, with one subject, a federal prisoner who had volunteered for the experiment, being killed in 28 days! The prisoner of course had not been told the test was fatal.

Some of these weapons are now on the loose as well. According to the Center For Disease Control, ten of the top twelve bioterror agents used in modern warfare manifest as skin cancers, or other incurable and deadly soft tissue cancers! Cancer has been weaponised, and that fact has been hidden well. It is time to wake up. Time to smell the pork.

Among the players in this bio-charade and soap opera of disease were many high power medical names, including one of the worlds top specialists in cancer research, Dr. Mary Sherman, who died during this research in a very unnatural way. Also involved in this Get-Castro-Program were David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, Alton Ochsner, and many others whose names appear regularly in most investigations of the Kennedy assassination. Yes, this cancer weapon program has also been inextricably linked to the Kennedy assassination, and the ties that bind? Spell That C-I-A.

This book by Edward T. Haslam covers all of the above, and much much more, with documentation and great detail, from an insiders perspective. Mr. Haslam’s father was a doctor and a teacher at Tulane in New Orleans, and it was from this source that Mr. Haslam began his lifelong investigation. Dr. Marys Monkey is a distillation of information and evidence concerning what can only be called a long term attack on the American people. It is, by all means, a Must Read.

After reading this book, I began to see certain patterns of history, if you will, and it seemed to me that the War On Cancer was just the first of many wars declared, then lost, by these foreign clowns and criminals who have infiltrated American Government, Medicine, Media, and Education. These wars which have been declared ad nauseum by the treasonous politico freaks and liars, whose latest versions are the war on drugs and the war on terror, do nothing so much as nurture the very forces that war is supposedly being made on.

I have also detected other patterns by reading this work, and have wondered several times if this was not an engineered happening, this sowing of cancer; was it a created circumstance, along the lines of 911, or Colombian cocaine?

This creation of a cancer epidemic seems more than anything just a very good way to A) make Americans and their insurance moneys accessible to the medical industry forever and ever; and B) nurture a nazi-like program of culling/eugenics, which is a hallmark of certain administrations who have been passing the football back and forth amongst each other now for over 50 years; and C) It is a perfect way to cover up an expected and accelerated increase in cancer which would of course erupt in conjunction with increased wireless and broadcast technologies; and D) It is a way to obtain stem cells, because even though great noise had been made over the foetal stem cell issue, the real truth of the matter is that most stem cells are derived from cancer tumors. Some cancer tumors sell for many thousands of dollars per slice, and collection activities are well developed, cryogenic, mobile, and these tumors are kept in what is called Tumor BANKS. FYI.


Was the creation of this cancer epidemic used to foster a malignant, galloping growth in technical medicine which would never have transpired without? Are we seeing the real value of Human Life, as equated to paper money by doctors?


Do get the book. See for yourself what kind of fetid and odorous intellectual dungeon you have been born into. One need only look around oneself in order to obtain a sense of the diabolical, to learn about the true devil, and all his preachers.

I suggest you start with the president, and then his closest advisors, if it is your wish to come face to face with diabolism. They are the true inheritors of this state of affairs, and it can actually be said that all this was prepared for them, to further their ends, and to further the ends of their families. The deceit, the cheating, the stealing: the seeming relish for pain and suffering and torture and hate. It is everywhere these days, and the media as well embraces this glamor of suffering and shame with gaiety and gnashing teeth. Do not believe any of them, they worship the father of lies, and America will be better off without them, when that great day comes.

Read it twice.

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