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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Should I Call My Ex on Her Birthday?

So the two of you dated, and now you’re broken up. Weeks later, it’s your ex girlfriend’s birthday. Do you let the day go by unmarked? Or is it okay to give her a call, just to let her know that you’re thinking about her?

Calling your ex to wish them a happy birthday is always a sticky situation. A number of factors go into whether or not you should make such a call, including how amicably your breakup went down and how long it’s been since you broke up.

Reasons Why You Should Call Your Ex Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Simply put, you and your ex were very close. You shared holidays, vacations, friends, family, and tons of great times. You also shared some of the most intimate moments two people can have with each other… so what’s the big deal about wishing her a happy birthday?

In the end, it boils down to one thing: do you still want your ex girlfriend back?. If so, calling to say happy birthday is a legitimate way of getting back inside her head – and possibly her life – once again. But if you were the one who broke up with her? Dialing her number might be misleading, and probably not such a good idea.

If you do decide to contact your ex on her birthday, make sure you do it with a phone call. Don’t send text-messages or emails, as these are lame and impersonal ways of reaching out after a breakup. Don’t show up face to face either, because that’s just not going to go well.

And if you want to win your ex back? Sending flowers on her birthday is certainly NOT the way to go. This is the case of too much too soon, and it can easily scare your ex away before you even get started on the path to getting her back.

What To Say To Your Ex When You Call Her

In making the call, be sure to keep the phone conversation simple, clean, and quick. Tell your ex girlfriend that you noticed the date, and couldn’t help but think about her today. That alone is a sweet yet innocent gesture that can’t go unnoticed by her, and chances are good she’ll appreciate it. Ask her how she’s been, make a sentence or two of small talk, and then tell her you’re sorry but you’ve really got to run. Wish her a happy birthday, and exit.

Your conversation should last no more than two to three minutes, tops. Staying on the phone longer runs the risk of awkward pauses, or of your ex girlfriend suspecting you might be trying to win her back. Right now, this isn’t what you want. You only need to plant the seed… to put yourself back in her head. Later on however, there will be steps you can take to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Don’t sit there agonizing “should I call my ex” or “shouldn’t I?” Being confident and proactive is a big part of getting your ex to want you again. That said, you can’t get back together without having some sort of plan. A step by step blueprint for winning your girlfriend’s heart is always better than just trying to roll the dice and hope for the best.

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