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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Sneak Your Way Into Her Heart With These Magically Seductive Text Messages

Most guys fail miserably when it comes to knowing when to text. It works like this. You get a girls number, you send her a couple of texts, she responds. You send a couple more, she responds. Finally you call or text her suggesting to get together, and then never hear from her again, or if you do, she’s kind of standoffish.

Here’s the same situation from her perspective. She meets a somewhat interesting guy. She gets a couple texts, then a couple more, then a couple more. All of a sudden he’s not so interesting any more. But he’s good enough for a “text friend.” Suddenly he asks her out. Hmm, maybe she should pull back, and hope he gets the message.

So, what’s going on? By sending too many texts, trying to be witty, trying to charm her, etc, you’re really just coming across as needy and seeking approval. Don’t get me wrong. Getting texts from a guy she’s already attracted are great. It’s just that using texts to build that initial attraction is difficult. Attraction usually happens face to face, or at the very least over the phone. Hard to do with soundless words and sentences.

But it can be done. And you’re about to learn now.

Keep in mind this won’t make her fall hopelessly in love with you. But it will generate sufficient interest so she’ll be happy to meet you for that important first date, and not blow you off.

You only need three texts, separated out by a day each, give or take. Three short texts. These will build her up, so that she’ll respond favorably when you ask her out. Keep in mind she may not reply to any of these texts. You’re not asking her permission to ask her out. You’re getting her interested, so that when you DO ask her out, she’ll say yes.

The first text should be short, and generate curiosity. Anything that gets her thinking. If you send a text that says, “Hi! We met the other night! That was fun!” It might make her smile, but she’ll forget about it three seconds later.

But if you send something like this: “Oh My God! That thing SHE said the other night is making me think of what we talked about!” This will get her thinking. Whether or not she texts you back, she’ll be thinking about you. That’s good. Don’t ruin it by sending her another thousand texts asking her if she got your super clever text. Remember, you’re building her interest, not looking for overt approval.

The next text should get her thinking of you two together. But also make it mysterious, so she starts thinking. Something like this: “I had the most AMAZING dream last night, and YOU were in it, I’m so embarrassed!” And leave it at that. Now she’ll be curious, but she’ll be curious about what you two were doing together.

The next text should be to put her out in the future. Again, be vague and increase curiosity. Something like this is perfect: “Hey, I’m looking forward to doing that thing we talked about… ” This will get her future oriented. She’ll be trying to remember what you talked about, and will be expecting you to set it up.

Then just call her and ask her out. She’ll almost certainly say yes. So long as she didn’t give you a fake number to begin with, this method will give you a lot of success.

Try this out, and have fun.

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