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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Where to Touch a Straight Male – Gays, Stroke Him Right!

Many attempts at straight pick up have gone wrong because gays are clueless where to touch a straight male right and stroke him in a way that he will love.

Touch is an important element in dating, after all when there is no touch, there is no sex. But the key is to do it on the right points and places lest you want to risk a good whack. Grabbing his balls outright is obviously not the best idea, so what is?

Take note that aggressiveness and desperation will lead you nowhere near straight males. You will only scare them this way. Where to touch him depends on your situation together, but a stranger or an acquaintance, touching is your money to get to him.

If you want to check how he reacts to another man touching him, it is safe to go by a touch on the shoulder, very light without sexual overtones. A good way to make contact is to accidentally bump him and touch him on the shoulder and say sorry.

Given that you are already on speaking terms and into a conversation, when you agree with a point he is making, touch his arm, or the back of his hand while nodding. You will definitely see it when he enjoys your touch. Coupled with eye contact, touching a straight male this way tells you that there is a high possibility he is interested, in which case rubbing with his jewels is a delicious promise late into the night if you work your conversation good enough.

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