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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer

I recently read a hilarious book by Mari SanGiovanni. I knew from the title Greetings from Jamaica Wish You were Queer this book was going to be funny and that it would probably challenge the mindset of some more traditional folks.

While the story seems to be an autobiography of the author’s life, I still can’t say for sure if all these crazy things actually happened to Mari. She might have been awarded millions of dollars in the settlement of her grandmother’s estate, but then again, it might be one of the stories about what we wish would happen to us.

The characters in the story are bold and vibrant as expressed quite well by the author’s “show not tell” writing style. I felt like I was sitting poolside watching the crazy Italians have a family argument while drunk on Margaritas. I let out a rip-roaring laugh when Aunt Aggie fell into the pool during one of her rants and ruined her “helmet” hairdo. She had it coming to her. She deserved it, but somehow even she managed to laugh at her predicament. She would have the last laugh no matter what. And who wouldn’t when you have so much money you can afford to throw it to strangers on the other end of the pool? I do wish I were there. Wishing I were queer? Well, that probably won’t happen unless I fall in love with a movie star and move to California.

Anyone would want to meet this Italian family, but who would want to actually be related to one of the members? A worrywart/busybody for a mother, a flirtatious, pot-smoking father who takes the edge off every tense moment by suggesting everyone eat something-hot and tangy meatballs, of course. Mari, did you really drop a meatball on your foot? Nevertheless, Katherine finds Uncle Tony irresistible enough that she wanted to marry him. Their wedding was another fiasco with the press there to photograph-not the bride and groom-but the movie star and her dyke lover!

After spending a week on vacation in Florida with my family, I can only imagine taking our gang to Jamaica. So, there you have it. The book is about bravery and honesty. And, it is about doing the non-conventional thing like loving someone of the same gender and having sex with her. While the steamy love scenes are hers and hers, the reader must come away with the understanding that love knows no conditions such as age, gender, money, or race. Love happens where and when it happens. It’s up to us to appreciate it rather than judging it.

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