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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Happy World Environment Day Status, 5th June Wishes

in all over the world World Environment Day on 5th June celebrated as. The purpose of which is to make people aware of the environment. Clean environment is very important in human life. Pure air, pure water, timely rain are directly related to the environment. Environment is an important part of our life without a clean environment life is impossible. Human life exists only because of the environment. Because of this, we get facilities every day. during the United Nations General Assembly In 1972, it was announced to celebrate Environment Day.

Everyone should do their part in saving the environment. The purpose of celebrating this day is to keep the environment safe. On the day of World Environment Day, people are motivated to be aware of the environment and to keep it safe. Environment not only enhances our health but also gives mental peace. Therefore it is necessary that every human being should make his contribution to protect the environment.

To save the existence of human life, it is extremely necessary to protect the environment. To make this campaign successful and to make people aware, in today’s post, we are going to celebrate Environment Day. world environment day poetry These Hindi have brought On this day, you can make people aware about the environment through congratulatory messages and quotes.

Happy World Environment Day Shayari

World Environment Day Shayari Hindi

save earth cover
Let’s celebrate Environment Day.
let’s unite our world
create a beautiful place
By planting green plants,
Decorate the earth like a bride.

Human life is in danger
In this is the wisdom of all of us,
plant trees and save trees
Take responsibility for environmental protection.

Trees – greenery of plants,
Therein lies our happiness.
happy world environment day

Water has started selling, air has also started selling,
Due to environmental pollution, diseases have started increasing in homes.
Be aware, plant trees, drive away pollution
Happy World Environment Day

Green world, Tree plant world,
Pure and clean air-water world,
The world of faces blooming like flowers,
do you want the world here,
Plant trees – make the environment clean.
Happy World Environment Day

You must take this oath on World Environment Day.
Plant at least 10 trees in your entire life.
happy world environment day

Must celebrate world environment day,
Plant a tree near you
Do not use polythene and
Take the bag from home to the market.

Let’s spread the message of environmental awareness.
Let us explain to the people and let us plant trees,
Let people know its importance.
happy world environment day

Happy World Environment Day in Hindi Wishes

plant trees save earth
plant trees save the country
plant trees save environment
Plant trees save yourself.
Happy World Environment Day

“You will be successful in saving the trees from being cut down,
Only then will you be able to make the environment clean,
When you plant trees and make people aware,
Only then will you be able to protect the environment.”

Earth, rivers, ponds are these dear,
Everyone’s friends are ours,
preserve all of these,
Keeping everyone safe
This is our duty now,
Trees save life.

All the intellectuals are worried today,
How do we save our environment
If someone says plant new trees
Somebody said, save those who are.

Don’t do all you atrocities on earth,
Because this is the basis of our breath.
Happy World Environment Day.

God lives in trees and plants,
Contribute to environmental protection
Contribute to protect the environment
This will make the country great…

Promise that we will remove the thorns of those floors,
We will plant new flowers in it on our environment day.
If possible, we will make ourselves so strong,
That we will again adopt to live in nature as before…

let me tell you kids
I have a knowledge
Trees do only
Protect our life.

Happy World Environment Day Status in Hindi

5th June Environment Day Status in Hindi

Planting a tree is a boon,
One tree is like ten sons.

There is less oxygen in the air,
Let us plant trees together.
Happy World Environment Day

Mother’s love and tree donation,
Both do welfare of the people.

Pure-clean environment, water and air,
It is a priceless medicine to live life.

The coming generation is lovely,
So saving the environment is the responsibility of all of us.

Greenery in life is only from trees,
If you cut them, you will be in trouble.

Let’s make this earth habitable
Let’s all celebrate World Environment Day together.

You will never be able to increase the stature of science so much
That by polluting the environment, you will be saved from natural calamities.
happy world environment day

keep your world clean and green
save trees save environment
Clean City, Green City.
happy world environment day

save the earth if
Creating a goal of protecting the environment.

we have to do their job now
salute to those who save the environment
Happy World Environment Day..

Bring consciousness to the masses,
Wake up the environment..

raise awareness all around
Environment is the need of the day.

As long as there is greenery, there is a future
If there is no greenery there will be no future.

Until man understands his duty
Until then, the threat to the environment will continue to loom.
happy world environment day

Earth and nature are the heritage of future generations
And we should protect the heritage of others.

where there are no trees
no bird
no greenery
There life is only a burden.
Happy Environment Day

Trees are a boon for humans
Don’t insult them.
Happy Environment Day

5th June Wishes in Hindi

Hindi Nature Status about Hare Bhare Ped

where there are green trees
Heaven on earth is there.
Happy World Environment Day

let’s celebrate festival with kids
Gift a tree for a healthy life.

Happy World Environment Day

Tree cutting is not pride
This is the false pride of man.
happy world environment day

for the environment
plant trees,
save the country
save the world

Protect small trees and plants, now
You get started to protect the environment..

Let us make our environment a paradise today,
Not everyday.. but today we plant some trees.

all together the earth
Make beautiful and green,
that the next generation will be happy
and lived here happily.

If you take care of the environment today,
Only then will he take care of you tomorrow.

if you plant a tree today
So tomorrow you will get its fruit,
But if today you destroy the environment
You will get the wrong result tomorrow.

Invest in plants and,
to make our future generations happy
Help everyone a little.

If you save now, then you will earn later.
If you will be aware today, then tomorrow is better
You can see the future.

On this World Environment Day,
let’s change ourselves
before it’s too late.

Let us pass on to our future generations
one to live a beautiful life
Create a healthy and happy environment.

if you
water, air, earth and other organisms
Won’t keep you safe
So remember without them you will regret a lot.

Congratulations on World Environment Day!
Let’s all come together to maintain the balance of the environment.
Come forward with determination and contribute in this direction.
Congratulations on World Environment Day!

it’s environment day
it’s happy day
Awareness day for all of us.
it is world environment day

learn to live life the right way
will not pollute the environment
we will plant trees
we will not pollute the water air
Now we will stay away from disease.
Now we’ll be aware

Protecting the environment is your responsibility.
Old-children start ||
Talk about public awareness.
Start the environment

make the earth a green field
Where every living being can live in peace.
Happy World Environment Day

Celebrate world environment day don’t pollute water
don’t pollute the air
Don’t pollute the environment and don’t pollute yourself.
happy world environment day

Save neer, plant trees,
Come save the environment..
happy world environment day

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